New York City Elopement Blog

May 02, 2017

how couples from the uk can get married in nyc

New York City has become a popular “destination wedding spot” for couples from abroad. Many of the Simply Eloped couples, coming from abroad (such as those from the U.K.) require the “Extended Marriage License” (or Apostille) rather than the short-form license used by American couples. Essentially, the Extended Marriage License is something of a “deluxe” Read More

May 01, 2017

how to elope in nyc

Whether you’re a seasoned New Yorker or just visiting to take in the love of the city, NYC warmly opens its arms to any elopement story. A different world inhabits each neighborhood, offering a unique combination of culture and energy every few blocks. This amazing environment creates a customizable dream spot for small weddings. Endless Read More