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Couples Affected By Noah’s Event Venue Closures: Simply Eloped Wants To Help You!

Couples Affected By Noah’s Event Venue Closures: Simply Eloped Wants To Help You!

Wedding planning is undoubtedly stressful, but couples who booked with wedding event chain Noah’s Event Venue — who abruptly closed 42 of its venues in 25 states earlier this month — are likely newly added pressure to try and find a new location to hold their ceremony. The wedding chain company filed for bankruptcy and has stated that as many as 7,500 people will be affected by the closures, and worse, that refunds will likely not happen, meaning thousands of couples preparing for their special day now have no venue and no money back.

We can’t imagine what a daunting task that must feel like, so we’ve decided that we’d like to help as many of those couples as we can. Simply Eloped will be offering a free ceremony in any one of our markets to one couple left stranded in the wake of Noah’s Event Venue closures and are scrambling to find a venue for their big day, as well as discounts to all couples who have been affected by the closures.

 If you have been affected by Noah’s closures and would like to participate in our giveaway, please read our giveaway instructions below:

  • Follow Simply Eloped on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter
  • Using the hashtag #SimplyElopedGiveaway, post a photo of you and your partner and share your love story. It can be short and sweet!
  • Tag Simply Eloped in your photo or caption
  • That’s it! You’re officially entered in our giveaway for a Bloom Package (which includes an officiant, a photographer, a bouquet and boutonnière) on us. Good luck!

And, because we feel it’s our responsibility to do as much as we can to help out those in a dire situation, any couple affected by the Noah’s Event Venue closures who book our Seed Package (officiation services) will receive 10% off; couples who book our Sprout (officiation and a photographer) or Bloom Package (officiant, a photographer, a bouquet and boutonnière) will receive 5% off. Please note that any add-ons (including additional vendors, additional guests, permit fees, travel fees, and venue fees) will not be included in the discount, should you choose to book those additional services.

If you have been affected by Noah’s closures and would like to speak with a Simply Eloped representative to book a discounted ceremony, please read our instructions below:

  • Send a copy of your receipt from your invoice with Noah’s Event Venue to karen@simplyeloped.com for verification
  • Email hello@simplyeloped and use the code, “Simply Eloped Giveaway” in the body of your email
  • That’s it! A Simply Eloped representative will help you choose the discounted package that works best for you!

The fine print:

We want to help as many couples as we can, but at Simply Eloped, we do have some ground rules! Our packages will allow you to include up to 20 guests, and because many of our venues won’t allow for larger wedding guest counts, we cannot accept weddings with guest counts that exceeds that amount. Simply Eloped will also do everything we can to ensure your wedding date will be available, but because we have hundreds of couples actively planning their big day with us, we may not have your preferred date or time available. We thank you for understanding!

The entire mission that Simply Eloped stands behind is to remove the stress that couples tend to feel around wedding planning — and to do so in an affordable and accessible way. We hope that we can help take some of the weight off couples who deserve a perfect day, because we know that’s exactly what they deserve. If you or anyone you know has been affected by Noah’s Event Venue closures, please share this story. Let’s do what we can to give these couples a happily ever after.

Article written by karen norian
Karen Norian is a writer, editor, and content strategist. Her work has been featured in many publications, including INSIDER, Travel & Leisure magazine, and Elite Daily. Her work as a wedding photographer has led her to Simply Eloped, where she has been working since early 2019.
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