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Elopements Worldwide With The Traveling Hopfs

Elopements Worldwide With The Traveling Hopfs

When you think about your wedding day, what do you envision? Are you looking to trade in tradition and opt for a daring, less-traveled path? Are you and your partner hoping to stay away from all-things cookie cutter? Were you hoping for a wedding day that’s refreshingly unconventional? If you’re answering these questions with a resounding “yes,” then we’d like to introduce you to Luisa and Matthew Hopf, a fearless traveling photographer and officiant duo who want to witness, capture, and celebrate with you on your wedding day in an extraordinary and original way. Both artists by trade, the Hopfs are effortlessly cool, using their combined creativity to offer a wedding day that’s anything but boring. They’re also skilled travelers, ready to explore everywhere and anywhere their couples choose to take them. Long story short: if you’re looking to introduce a little rebellion into your big day — and want to have fun while doing so — the Traveling Hopfs are the obvious choice.

So, what can you expect when working with this husband and wife wedding team? Aside from gaining two really cool wedding guests who like to take a walk on the wild side when it comes to their couples’ big day, you’ll find that the Hopfs are just as amped to capture your wedding day as you are to be getting married.

“We’re just really excited to meet new couples and adventure with them,” says photographer Luisa Hopf, whose photographs are imaginative and often dream-like, wowing the couples she works with time and time again. And about that adventuring: should you work with the Traveling Hopfs, you’ll be getting two travel buddies who will make your day much more thrilling. “We want to create a detailed experience, communicating with each couple differently, and customizing their day depending on who they are as a couple,” says Hopf. So whether you’re wanting to recite your vows on a cliff overlooking the ocean or trek through nature to find the perfect spot to exchange rings, Luisa and Matthew are right there to find that perfect spot with you.

With this tailored, more pared-down experience, couples can really put the focus back on what they want from their day. And if you’re craving an intimate, playful wedding that breaks the rules, that’s ultimately what the Hopfs will deliver. They’ll work their magic, finding unique backdrops and capture non-traditional poses to make the memories from your day just as original as who you are as a couple.

And all you have to do? Have fun and enjoy each moment from your day — the Hopfs have got the rest.

“I’m a very directive person, so I like to explain how to pose my couples,” Hopf says, adding that she and Matthew also likes to communicate with their couples in a fun, light-hearted way where they’re learning how to connect with each other as well. “There are so many different types of couples: some are super open and happy-in-love, while others may be a little bit more reserved in front of the camera,” Hopf notes, and loves that each session is entirely different from the last thanks to that kind of variety.

Couple Hopf’s creative photography with her husband’s unforgettable ceremonies, and what you get is a wedding day that is authentic to you:

So, you’ve read enough about the Traveling Hopfs and are already sold on booking with them. Awesome! We’d love for you to drop us a line and tell us about yourself and your partner, and describe what you were envisioning for your wedding day (and whether you have a particular destination lined up already). We’ll then be able to connect you with Luisa and Matthew to chat more details about your location, your ceremony, and all of the other beautiful wedding details you’ve been thinking about.

The rate for booking a domestic package with the Traveling Hopfs is $2,800 and will include four hours of coverage as well as an officiant; booking rates for their international package is $4,000 and includes four hours of coverage as well as an officiant. All packages will receive a minimum of 500 photos (but you’ll likely get many, many more gorgeous images from your day!).

And, if you’re looking to see if the Hopfs will be traveling somewhere you had your heart set on, here are their travel dates for 2020:

February 10-16: San Francisco

March 9-15: Oregon coast

April 19-27: Utah

May 12-20: Yellowstone Park

June 8-15: Washington

July 12-24: Idaho and Montana

August 17-25: Glacier National Park

September 5-12: Yosemite National Park

October 15-24: Joshua Tree

November: Santa Cruz, CA

Article written by karen norian
Karen Norian is a writer, editor, and content strategist. Her work has been featured in many publications, including INSIDER, Travel & Leisure magazine, and Elite Daily. Her work as a wedding photographer has led her to Simply Eloped, where she has been working since early 2019.
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