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Hire our CEO to Coordinate Your Elopement

Are you looking for an elopement like no other? Our CEO Janessa has 6 years experience in the elopement industry and wants to personalize your ceremony from top to bottom! She will be alongside you from engagement to the moment you say “I do”.

Not only will it be an entire ceremony tailored to you, but she’s also a blast and delight to be around (if we may say so ourselves).

The Deets of Elopements with Janessa

She can plan your elopement anywhere in the US, so dream big, darling!


She’ll work with you to ensure you’ve got the perfect destination, date, time and depending what you have in mind, she may even coordinate the venue or permit on your behalf (just depends on what specifically you’re envisioning here – let’s discuss!).

What's the brass tax of what's included?

  • Top to bottom personalization and coordination of elopement (must be 20 guests or less)
  • Coordination of venue or permit (price included pending type of venue)
  • Janessa officiating your wedding
  • 4-hours of photography from local photographer
  • Designer picnic with food, beverage and setup for lounging and enjoying your new honey
  • Floral arrangement

What will she be doing?


All of it! She’ll be your coordinator, your officiant, your best friend for the day (yes – she will be on site for your actual big day). She’ll ensure your whole ceremony is personalized, stress-free and gorgeous.

Are you sold?


We know we are! We’re only facilitating four a year so be sure to inquire ASAP! The pricing is a flat $15,000, regardless of where in the US or season.

About Janessa

Janessa has been at the helm of Simply Eloped for over 6 years (a company that has married over 10,000 couples!) so from top to bottom, she’s seen it all with elopement ceremonies. She knows the exact way to customize and personalize your big day so it’s tailored to be the ceremony of your dreams. She will work in-depth with you to ensure that no detail is overlooked, and every piece of your big day fosters a stess-free day that celebrates the love between you and your honey. Get ready for an adventure – Janessa is a blast to work with!

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