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Join Us For The Master Class on How to Plan Your Dream Elopement!

Join Us For The Master Class on How to Plan Your Dream Elopement!

Having planned over 4,000 elopements, we’ve realized one concrete thing: while eloping is typically simpler and less stressful than a traditional large wedding, there are still a lot of unknowns when it comes to approaching the planning process. How much to budget for the big day? Who should be invited? Where should you even begin? Our customer service reps are often flooded with basic-but-important questions about what it means to choose to elope, and we’ve been quietly taking some notes for all of you.

In response to all of these unknowns, industry expert Janessa White (CO-Founder and CO-CEO  of Simply Eloped) will be launching a weekly Master Class to satiate your burning curiosities. Not only has White been immersed in the elopement environment since Simply Eloped’s inception, but she came from 16 years of event coordination experience. Long story short: the girl knows her stuff. 

This Master Class is open to all! Whether you’re planning an elopement with or without Simply Eloped, have been planning a large wedding but considering swapping over to the elopement style, or are just interested in the industry in general, we encourage you to partake in this content. The Master Class will last one hour and will be covering a large range of topics. 

The hour-long Master Class agenda will include topics such as: 

What is the modern day elopement? 

Where to begin on your planning

How to determine who your guests will be

How to invite and manage guests

How to find, choose and book your venue

How to find, choose and book your vendors

Tips on planning your trip

Tips for the ceremony/pre-planning

Tips for the day of your ceremony

This Master Class will be occurring every Tuesday at 2pm Eastern Standard Time on Zoom. We will be featuring the same content weekly and will not be published at a later date. If you participate and found the content useful or helpful, we encourage you to share this post with your friends so they can participate at a later week! 

Outside of the agenda, White will be taking questions throughout, polling the group and having an AMA at the end of the hour. No question is too large or small, so don’t be afraid to interact with White and the group! 

Our goal is for each participant to walk away from the Master Class with insider knowledge on what the modern-day elopement means and how it’s changing the wedding industry, how to plan your own elopement and how to make the best of your entire elopement trip (should you be traveling). Whether you’re stuck at the beginning stages of planning or are gearing up to walk down the aisle, Simply Eloped wants to help ensure your day is the best that it can be, and to help shed light on the fun and intimate world of eloping.  

We’ll see you every Tuesday at 2pm EST on Zoom via this link. We can’t wait to see you there!

Article written by karen norian
Karen Norian is a writer, editor, and content strategist. Her work has been featured in many publications, including INSIDER, Travel & Leisure magazine, and Elite Daily. Her work as a wedding photographer has led her to Simply Eloped, where she has been working since early 2019.

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