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Elopement Stories

We love sharing the elopement stories of Simply Eloped couples. Here are a few!

An Adventurous Mountain Elopement: Katie + Corey

8th November, 2018

For three and half years (and counting), Katie and Corey have had a Saturday morning breakfast date at a cozy coffee shop in their small mountain town in western Maryland. One sunny Saturday morning in June, Corey pulled a ring out of his pocket and asked Katie if she would be his breakfast date for life. […]

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A Special Place: Dawn & Kevin’s Mt. Evans Sunrise Ceremony

30th September, 2018

Love has a power to change us. As human beings we can be pretty stubborn, but there is something about love that allows us to soften enough to change and experience life in a different way. Into her mid-forties Dawn never thought she’d get married. It wasn’t important to her or something she envisioned for […]

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A Rocky Mountain Elopement: Katie and Matthew’s Adventure

20th July, 2018

Well before Katie and Matthew’s stunning Rocky Mountain elopement, the two met how a lot of couples these days meet; online. Katie declared her date with Matthew would be the last first date but not because she was expecting to fall head over heels with him, she was planning on retiring from online dating. After […]

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Tiffany and Crystal: Full Bloomin’ in City Park

4th June, 2018

They say the best romantic relationships are made from a strong foundation of friendship. Crystal and Tiffany met through a mutual friend and even though there was instant attraction, (Tiffany said she remembers noticing Crystals kind eyes and positive energy. Crystal says Tiffany was mysterious and intriguing) it wasn’t until six years into the friendship […]

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Collette & Matthew’s Dreamy Oahu Elopement

1st June, 2018

Despite being warned by her sorority sisters to stay away from Matthew, Collette was magnetically drawn to him and after three days of being snowed in with him one winter after a snowstorm brought over 7 feet of snow, her fate was sealed. Little did she know that three years later Matt with the reputation […]

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Big Island Adventure: Fiona and Peter’s Beach Elopement

27th April, 2018

Fiona and Peter’s love story begins in college. They were both studying Engineering at the University of Michigan. Fiona says they were in the library A LOT studying for long hours & late nights. After noticing one another on several different occasions Peter finally asked her to dinner.     It was Fiona’s ability to […]

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A Central Park Wedding: Jenn and Michael’s Elopement Story

21st November, 2017

Moments after their introduction, Michael confided in a friend that he had just met the woman he was going to marry. Jenn and Michael first encountered each other at a wedding—the perfect place to spark the beginning of a new love story.   During the six years following this fateful day, they built a full life […]

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