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The Vow Booklet We Absolutely Love

The Vow Booklet We Absolutely Love

When planning your elopement or wedding ceremony, sometimes the last thing you’re thinking about is what to write your vows on. However, if you write your vows on a piece of paper or on your cell, those mediums end up in your wedding photos or video. Because your photos and video are timeless, we highly recommend choosing something with a little more style than just your cell phone!

We’re huge fans of these Keeper Co Vow Booklets. These stylized booklets walk you through the entire process of contemplating your relationship, meditating on what makes your union special and ultimately guides you to writing amazing vows.

When booking your elopement with Simply Eloped, we offer you the opportunity to add on the Keeper Co Vow Booklets. Each packet includes two booklets, a bag to store them in and a gold pen to write with.

Our relationship with the owner of the company came about in a super fun way! She – Sarah Gehman – was a photographer for us on Hawai’i and she saw time after time that the couples she photographed had something missing…a beautiful medium to put their vows on. Because she saw this gap, she decided to work to fill it.

“I created The Keeper Co. because I wanted to help couples fill in the blank pages of their vow books with meaning,” Gehman says.

When planning your elopement with Simply Eloped, be sure to add on our vow booklets!

If you need additional tips on how to write great vows in these stunning booklets, read our blog post or watch our video below.

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