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Tips for Working with Your NYC Photographer

New York is bustling, hustling and buzzing. It can be overwhelming to land in one of the densest metropolitans on Earth! This guide is to help you maximize your time with your Simply Eloped photographer on the day of your NYC elopement! Please use this resource for any preliminary questions you have, though the team at Simply Eloped is always happy to answer any direct questions.


What Does My Photography Package Include?

1 hour packages include:
● Up to 1 hour of photography
● 1 hour of editing
● Minimum of 75 color corrected web-friendly and high-resolution photos sent via online gallery 14 days or less after your ceremony

2 hour packages include:
● Up to 2 hours of photography
● 2 hours editing
● Minimum of 125 color corrected web-friendly and high-resolution photos sent via online gallery 14 days or less after your ceremony

4 hour packages include:
● Up to 4 hours of photography
● 3 hours editing
● Minimum of 200 color corrected web-friendly and high-resolution photos sent via sent via online gallery 14 days or less after your ceremony

Navigating NYC

The first thing you need to know about New York City is that it takes far longer to get anywhere than you may estimate. Even if
Google maps tells you it will be an hour to get somewhere, that doesn’t include walking time to get there, train
delays, alternate routes you may have to take, traffic and a number of other factors. We suggest you leave
at least a half hour earlier than you think you should to get anywhere; it’ll take the stress out of arriving late for your big day!

What If  We are late?

While we totally understand the New York can be a whirlwind and quite unpredictable at times, it’s your
responsibility to arrive at the agreed upon time we have designated together (as displayed in your itinerary). If you are late, that
counts against the time you have booked with your photographer.

Choice of Footwear is Important!

Even if you have a driver or rent a personal car, you’ll still be walking a lot of places. We always advise pretty
shoes for your wedding day, but we suggest you wear comfortable ones for walking. Totally okay to bring two pairs of shoes as well: one for walking and one for the ceremony!

Be Mindful about the Things You Bring

We don’t want to ruin your photos with things like umbrellas, bags, backpacks, purses, etc., so we advise you
to not bring a lot of extra things. You have a limited time with your photographer, and we want it to be as comfortable for
you as possible. Also if possible, bring a friend to help carry things. That can help make things go a lot smoother!

The Hours You Book Includes Travel Time

Eager to hit multiple places in New York City for images? If you are dying for images at Brooklyn Bridge Park, Central Park AND The Empire State Building, that’s going to take a long time to get to each location. Factor that travel time into your hourly package. We are happy to add on hours if you're determined to get iconic shots in your portrait shoot.

Dress for the Season

NYC is well-known for its dramatic seasons. While it’s stunning in the spring and fall, the winters are extremely cold and
the summers are extremely hot. If you’re having a ceremony in December in Central Park, bring a thick coat, gloves, and
a scarf. Maybe get a fancy coat so you can take photos dressed appropriately. If you are getting married in the
summer, either choose the morning or evening for your photography time or come dressed for a very hot day
and know you’ll likely sweat!

Sunset and Sunlight

Please keep in mind that in NYC our sunlight shifts and changes with the season. In the summer we have good sunlight up until 7 pm but in the winter we don't. Winter months, November thru March, we seriously encourage clients to not book any shoots that start later than 3 pm. If you have add-on hours, keep in mind after 5 pm it is completely dark and the only locations we can shoot in are Times Square and equally well-lit locations. Please book ceremony time according to sunlight for the season and give yourself time; everything here takes time.

Shot List

A shot list can be extremely helpful leading up to and on your big day! If you have very specific requests for shots, we encourage you to bring a shot list with you the day of your ceremony and please give it to your photographer. We would never want you to feel like you did not get the photos you envisioned.

What About Tipping?

No matter which country you are from, tipping your wedding photographer is highly encouraged! We work hard
to make your day special and personalized. We advise a 10% ($30 or more) or more tipping fee, based on how you’re feeling
about what we provided on your big day!

Let's Talk!

We are here to answer any questions and guide you on your big day. Please work with us to schedule a phone call with your photographer to build a relationship and ensure we are on the same page. It may take a week or two to schedule, so please be patient with us. :)

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