The Simply Eloped Story

We’re dreamers, doers, and detail-oriented elopement experts, dedicated to bringing your unique vision to life in a way that’s easy, affordable, and focused on you.

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How it all started

Matt and Janessa launched Simply Eloped with the simple belief that weddings should be better. For everyone, ideally, but especially for the couples. Between fainting bridesmaids and family fights, the “big day” had a funny way of ending in disaster (or at least a bit of debt and disappointment). Elopement provided an alternative—a path to push back against the excesses of the wedding industry and prioritize what the milestone moment is actually about: your love for each other.

A Process You Can Trust. An Elopement You’ll Treasure

With our innovative tech and dedicated team of destination elopement experts on your side, you can feel all of the love—and none of the stress.

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With amazing elopement venues in our back pocket, you’ll discover a swoon-worthy setting to start your next chapter.

Competitive pricing

With price guarantees and transparent fee structures, you’ll avoid the worst of the wedding tax and design a day that’s as affordable as it is amazing.

Arrive in style

Our dedicated customer experience team makes sure you stay ahead of every transportation and hotel-related hiccup.

Stress less

We cross all the tees, read the fine print, and make sure your permits are perfectly up to date.

Comprehensive partner network

Our curated list of over 700 trusted vendors, venues, and partners means it’s never been easier to assemble your elopement dream team.

Customized planning

Enjoy personalized attention from our dedicated customer experience team and plan a party that speaks to your love story.

Our Core Values


Simply Eloped centers its focus on each individual’s unique love story. Regardless of background, beliefs, or practices, the company is dedicated to ensuring that every couple experiences the best day of their lives.

Embracing a “You-Centric” approach, Simply Eloped tailors its services to honor individuality, crafting elopement journeys that are authentic reflections of love, dreams, and aspirations.


Compassion is at the core of Simply Eloped’s brand ethos. Whether engaging with eloping couples, collaborating with vendors, or interacting with its dedicated team, the company prioritizes empathy.

Recognizing the significance of diverse perspectives, backgrounds, and experiences, Simply Eloped leads with compassion, striving to create an environment where every individual feels seen, heard, and valued in the celebration of their love.


Simply Eloped embraces adaptability as a fundamental value. Acknowledging that each elopement is a unique journey, the company is committed to being flexible and responsive to individual needs.

The adaptable approach ensures that the experience with Simply Eloped is seamless, personalized, and perfectly aligned with the vision each couple has for their special day.


Authenticity is intricately woven into Simply Eloped’s identity. The company celebrates genuine connections, real emotions, and sincere moments. The commitment to authenticity extends to every aspect of the brand – from interactions with clients to the meticulously curated services provided.

With Simply Eloped, clients can trust that their elopement experience will be true to who they are, creating memories that are as authentic and enduring as their love.

Dream Elopements.
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Simply put, every couple deserves a blissful, stress-free celebration.

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Tim & Nida
Savannah Tybee Island
Everything was so streamlined and stress free. You all communicate so well, we just never had a question that wasn't immediately answered..
Emily & Bryan
Savannah Pulaski Square
We were so happy with Simply Eloped and would do it all over again!
Katelynd & Adam
Savannah Chande Pines
I would highly recommend your company to any family or friend! I would not change a single thing if I could do it all over again- rain and all!

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