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Looking for an elopement destination? Simply Eloped can help you elope in New York City, New Orleans, Colorado, Idaho, and Hawaii. Scroll down to learn more about our elopement destinations or if you’re interested in eloping at one of them, click the button below!

Tell us about your elopement destinations!

Simply Eloped offers services in a variety of interesting locations. From the beautiful beaches of Hawaii, to the hustle and bustle of NYC, to the expansive natural beauty of Colorado, to the southern charm of New Orleans, Simply Eloped can help you elope in a destination you’ll never forget.

Normally, eloping in one of these places can be complicated and expensive. Why’s that, you ask?

Imagine that you’re traveling to a new, exciting city for your elopement.

First, you’ve got to figure out how to get your wedding legally validated in this state, as well as back home. Then, you’ve got to dig around on the internet to find an officiant, photographer, and all of the other vendors you want. After that, you’ll need to coordinate amongst all of these people so they all show up at the correct location at the proper time.Then you’ve got to pay all of those people separately.

That’s a lot of stuff! Especially on top of all the other big life changes couples usually go through when they’re getting married.

We streamline this process by offering packages that bundle all of these services together. This spares the couple the hassle of having to find, coordinate, and pay a bunch vendors on their own, as Simply Eloped will do that on the couple’s behalf and then assist the couple through the planning process.

We're interested in eloping with Simply Eloped! What next?

Well, first off, choose your elopement destination. Then, pick you package. Our Seed Package is perfect for couples that want a simple experience with just an officiant. The Sprout Package comes with photography of the ceremony as well as a portrait session afterwards. For couples interested in a turnkey, all inclusive package, our Bloom Package is a great option. It comes with flowers and coordination of any permit that may be necessary.

From there, couples can add other services onto their package, such as flowers, hair and makeup, and musicians.

Then, our team will help guide you choose a location for your elopement, ask you some questions, and then help you put the pieces in place for a beautiful elopement ceremony!

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