Everything You Need to Know about Eloping in Rocky Mountain National Park

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24 min read Jun 3, 2022

Why Elope In Rocky Mountain National Park?

There are so many amazing things about the Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado state that make it a dream for eloping couples! It’s no wonder the word epic comes up in every description. Eloping in this famous Colorado scenery means majestic mountain views, green meadows filled with wildflowers, pristine alpine lakes, and inviting trails leading to hidden gems. There is a sense of wonder and grandeur in your ceremony. Leave your stressful life behind and embrace the romance and nature as you exchange vows. Your photos will look like you are deep into the wilderness, but the truth is that amazing views are available just a hundred yards off the beaten path. After you wed, you can celebrate in the vibrant urban communities just a few minutes away. No one is left behind with ceremony spots that are an easy walk-in alongside the challenging hikes. And it’s affordable! We happen to think that is pretty important!

What if you want to have it all? Do you need to have an accessible ceremony location for your guests but are inspired as a couple to have the hiking experience? That’s absolutely doable. We know some great spots for photos off the beaten path. And your guests can leave and start the celebration early!

Another fun thing about a Rocky Mountain National Park elopement is that your money goes towards a good cause. How often can you say that? You are supporting the National Parks. So it’s a feel-good, eco-friendly elopement location!

Simply Eloped works hard to make things fun, simple, and easy for couples looking for the elopement adventure at Rocky Mountain National Park. Be sure to browse through our Wildflower Packages. The Colorado Adventure Package is just for nature lovers looking for an authentic RMNP wedding experience.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G6HpMdchszQ&t=17s (Janessa video on adventure eloping)

Keep reading to find out all the info you need to know to elope in RMNP. You don’t need to get frustrated trying to figure out all the ins and outs – we have a LOT of experience helping hundreds of couples wed in the Park. We will help you figure out where to stay, choose your ceremony location, what time of year and day is best for you, how to deal with permits (or how Simply Eloped will deal with them!), respect the park, and how to find the best vendors (hint: we have the best vendors!). We will dig deep for every detail or worry and give you answers to make your Rocky Mountain National Park elopement achievable with a minimum of fuss!

If you are not big on reading – check out our short video full of tips on how to elope in Colorado.

Discover your dream venue! Get started.

Reasons To Elope At Rocky Mountain National Park

Where do we even start? The scenery is without equal in the United States. You will find mountains, lakes, waterfalls, meadows, rivers, and cliff-sides – whatever nature vision you have, you will find it here. And where there is nature, there is the chance of a visit from the locals. No, not those locals. The wildlife kind! Deer, elk, birds, mountain goats, and smaller animals have blessed many couple’s photos. The icing on the cake? You can have up to 30 guests join you. Even Grandma can be at your wilderness wedding if you choose one of the more accessible locations. Or, if you are the weekend warrior couple, you can hike through the mountain views to exchange your vows.

RMNP is happily situated with plenty of towns and cities around! Wonderful resorts, hotels, and Airbnb are waiting where you can get ready for your ceremony and, afterward, celebrate your nuptials. Whatever your fav couple cuisine is, you will find it here. And there is a ton of fun stuff to do. The park is the best of both worlds. You can elope amongst sweeping views of unspoiled nature and be in the lap of luxury just a few minutes later.


Did we mention that you can elope at RMNP year-round? It’s the winter wedding wonderland you have dreamed about forever. The snow sparkles like diamonds with pristine mountain tops all around. What could be better for the winter-obsessed couple than eloping with snowflakes falling during your newlywed kiss?

So now that we have convinced you that eloping in Rocky National Mountain Park is the best idea of your life (other than saying yes to your best friend, obvs!), let’s get down to the details.

Let’s Be Real

We want you to know what to expect. There is no point being surprised when you arrive. RMNP is one of the busiest parks in America for a reason. It’s the best! It’s also one of the largest at 265 807 acres of incredible wildness. This, obvs, leads to tourists. A lot of tourists. So, if you don’t want the chance of strangers watching your ceremony, you need to plan your elopement with the tourists in mind. Or, if you think having strangers celebrate with you adds to the experience, you can be a star at your elopement! The popularity of RMNP also leads to the wedding permits going fast. So you need to be on top of this or work with someone who will. (That’s us, btw. We take care of all the nitty-gritty stuff!)

How To Legally Wed At Rocky Mountain National Park

You have to apply for a permit as soon as possible. We can’t stress this enough. RMNP only allows a certain number of permits per year, and the best locations fill up faster than you can say ‘I do.’ And there is a restriction on how many weddings per day take place in each location. So how do you go about applying for your Rocky Mountain wedding permit? TBH, we highly recommend you have Simply Eloped take care of all of this pesky permit stuff for you! It’s what we do.

If you insist on going it alone…

  • Choose more than one ceremony location. Remember to check the guest capacity and include your vendors in the count. (keep on reading! We will help you with this)
  • Email to check whether your locations are available.
  • Fill out the permit application here.
  • Email the application to the RMNP.

Keep in mind that from May to October, there are 60 permits issued per month and 40 issued per month between November to April.

What About A Colorado Wedding license?

Yes, you need to have a wedding license. You can get one online if you are a resident of Colorado. If you are from out of state, you simply make your appointment at the local office and take your ID, SS number, and $30 fee. There is no waiting period. But be sure to return the signed license within 63 days, or there are extra fees.

Colorado makes tying the knot super simple for the license and ceremony. You have the option of using an officiant or self-solemnizing. What is that? Glad you asked. It means you can marry yourselves essentially. You can have your ceremony, sign the documents on your own and forget the witnesses. It’s complete freedom to tie the knot in any way you wish.

How Many Guests Can You Have At Your RMNP Elopement?

Who will attend your elopement is a real thing as it will help you choose your preferred locations. If it’s just the two of you fulfilling a grand romantic vision, the guest count is not an issue. But, if you have decided to have an entourage for your big day, then guest count matters. The largest group you can be within the Park is 30 people, including your officiant and photographer. And, yes, this number includes babies. Pets are not included in the number at all, as we are very sad to have to report that RMNP is not really pet-friendly. The regulations mean that dogs are only allowed within 100 ft of a road or in a parking lot, etc. So your pet will likely be happier back at your lodgings. Estes Park has some wonderful pet-friendly areas, which we will chat about later.

Most ceremony locations only allow ten persons. 3M Curve, the most popular place, allows fifteen. So really think about how many guests are essential to your day!

Keep reading! We describe in detail all the RMNP ceremony locations with their guest count!

Public Vs Private – What Does This Mean?

In a nutshell: Public lands are part of the Rocky Mountain National Park. You must follow all the Park guidelines and rules or be unceremoniously tossed out! And, of course, there are the ever-present tourists. Private venues provide the privacy that public lands cannot offer. Couples are more likely to have a lot of decor and guests. It is two very different ways to wed, so be sure that a public wedding is your vision before you jump into it.

Getting Ready For Your Elopement

The Park does not allow you to ‘get ready’ in any of the bathrooms or, shall we say, in the open – the park may be all about nature, but not that much nature! So you will want to dress up (or down!) for your ceremony at your lodgings. Remember not to imbibe too much champagne beforehand – hiking and rock climbing are best done while sober. Pop that cork when you celebrate getting hitched! Your feet and photographer will love you if you plan for pretty yet sensible shoes/boots far in advance. You can go for the glam when it comes to your gown but just remember you might be walking over some slippery slopes.

Always leave early. You don’t know what might be happening, and you don’t want to be late for your elopement. The extra time allows for road closures or traffic (famous lineups at the park entrance).

Getting To Your Rocky Mountain National Park Wedding

There are two parts to this. The first is actually getting to Colorado. The second is getting to your ceremony on time. The Park is an hour and a half out of Denver. In our experience, the best thing is to fly into Denver, pick up your reserved rental car and drive to your chosen lodgings in Estes Park. Everything’s better when you have your own vehicle. And we highly suggest staying in Estes Park as it’s so close to your ceremony. The whole Park area is full of spots to visit, restaurants to try, and views to die for, so you can look forward to enjoying the entire area at your leisure.

Don’t forget that the Park has an entrance fee of $30 per vehicle, so carpool as much as possible to save money if you are having guests. And there is a max of 10 vehicles allowed per elopement. Each vehicle must have a copy of the wedding permit and will be allowed in up to 2 hours in advance of the ceremony. Don’t Forget: The Park considers ‘Summer’ to start the Friday before Memorial Weekend through Indigenous People’s Day/Columbus Day.

How To Love Your RMNP Ceremony

The first thing is to know your vision when it comes to your elopement ceremony. If you are set on decor, chairs, and a ceremony arch, you are barking up the wrong tree. (Nature puns are mandatory!) The RMNP wedding rules do not allow for any of that. Eloping in the Park means no-frills, no-fuss other than, you know, the stunning vistas all around! So embrace what nature has provided and enjoy the simplicity. It also means you have to wed at one of the designated locations. You cannot simply head off a trail and exchange your vows. You can, however, have the run of the park for your photos. It’s a delicate balance that your photographer will help you navigate.

Some ceremony details: You can make some noise – but not a lot. Sound amplification is out. So no marching bands or rapper friends. More like acoustic guitar or violin. Cell phone service can be spotty, so don’t rely on it. Have all your maps and instructions figured out ahead of time. Don’t be throwing or scattering anything about, including birdseed and rose petals. The Leave No Trace (LNT) principles are super important. Bubbles are all good, though! Remember, you are at a higher elevation. Be sure you have water along with you and hydrate.

This may seem random, but drones are prohibited in the park. Never fear, though. Your experienced RMNP photographer knows how to make the shots you swear are from above.

Last but not least, keep your Park permit with you at all times!

What To Wear To Your RMNP Elopement (Or What Not To Wear!)

Simply Eloped loves seeing all the quirky, unique eloping fashion but our hearts are equally thrilled to see a traditional newlyweds showing off lace and bow ties. There really are no rules when it comes to eloping style. Picking up that long skirt is worth it for the photos! But there are some tips for comfort when it comes to weddings in a national park. Especially one with moody weather.

Footwear – it’s all about what you have on your feet. You can rock your veil and train but under it all you need to be safe and comfortable. Climbing rocks or making your way through snow requires the basics of safety! So make sure you have traction and grip. If you are choosing a winter wedding, you need to keep your feet warm. You can always change into your heels for your ceremony or a fun photo!

Winter weddings provide a little more of a challenge as you won’t stay warm on love alone! Couples often bring along blankets, hand warmers, mittens, scarves, and coats. And a bride (or groom!) can go with a dramatic cape or fur stole. Remember that it’s your day so it’s your way. Just keep an eye on the realities of exchanging vows thousands of feet above sea level.

The Best Season To Elope At Rocky Mountain National Park

The best season to elope is the one that makes you happy. That’s the beauty of the year-round nature of this Park. SPRING (May-June) elopements enjoy melting snow with the first blooms peaking through and lots of blue skies. SUMMER weddings are all about sunshine and flower-filled meadows with astonishing views. AUTUMN (Sept-Oct) weddings are everyone’s favorite time at the Park. The colors, perfect temperatures, fewer tourists, and that golden hue across the sky. WINTER weddings are a true wonderland of snowy mountains and lakes (you can even snowshoe into your ceremony!). Make sure you are a couple that is chill with change if you choose winter – sudden storms and road closures may mean moving the time or location of your ceremony. Whatever your favorite season, the Park can provide your perfect backdrop.

Remember – July and August are peak tourist seasons!

The time of day matters in the Park. So does the day of the week. Couples who are really trying for a quiet ceremony should aim for a weekday with as few tourists as possible. It makes a huge difference. And early in the morning will reward you with peace plus the sunrise. Later in the evening rewards you with fewer crowds and the sunset. Your photographer will thank you. The bright sunshine of midday is a photography nightmare.

Should You Worry About Weather And Your Elopement?

Yes and no. You should prepare for the weather changes that can take place at the drop of a hat. The Colorado mountains are the place for surprise snowstorms in June! So bring extra outerwear, umbrellas, and blankets, depending on the time of year. Winter weddings should have boots and mittens along. Heat packs would be helpful for photo sessions, and don’t forget your thermos of hot chocolate. Be prepared for road closures during snowstorms (and have a Plan B ready).

On the other hand, the weather changes often result in some of the best photos we see. Rain or snow turn your elopement into a unique experience. As long as your umbrella is handy, you can exchange vows and kiss under the canopy. And the rainbows are pretty amazing!

Ceremony Locations In The Park

Simply Eloped has chosen what, in our humble opinion, are the very best ceremony locations in the Rocky Mountain National Park. So let’s visit each one so that you can choose which is perfect for your big day. It’s like shopping but for a life-changing moment (no pressure!).

3M Curve

15 people + 3 vehicles

This elopement spot is one of the most popular for many reasons. It seems to exist for the sole purpose of inviting couples to exchange their vows! The drama is off the charts, with wildflower meadows and mountains as far as the eye can see.

The name is not the most imaginative because it literally is a curve along Trail Ridge Road west of Estes Park. Simply go three miles past the entrance to Beaver Meadows and park on the left side of the road. The natural overlook is behind the rock formation just off the start of the trail and overlooks the meadows of Moraine Park. It is not a long walk, but you still need proper hiking footwear. The tourists do not generally go this way, so there is relative privacy (translation: no bathrooms!).

The reason everyone loves this spot? The views are out of this world. It is the ultimate destination for a Rocky Mountain National Park elopement. Five stars for being Pinterest-worthy! Simply Eloped has helped so many couples elope at this location that we know it like the back of our hand…so just book your 3M Curve elopement, and we will take care of the rest.

Check out the entire view with Haley + Deven’s elopement video!

Sprague Lake
15 people + 3 Vehicles in Summer
30 people + 10 Vehicles in Winter

This location is one of the most accessible and manageable spots in the Park. The scenic loop around Sprague Lake leads to a perfectly placed dock. The snow-peaked mountains circle the lake and are a picture-perfect backdrop for your ceremony.

You can wed anywhere around the Lake, but the dock is waiting for you. There is no way tourists can wander through your ceremony there! The walk-in takes about ten minutes and is pretty flat. The site is wheelchair accessible but practically applies to summer weather (June – September).

Summer elopements at Sprague Lake offer blue skies and gentle breezes. However, this location really shines for a Colorado winter wedding. The snow-covered lake and surrounding mountains are especially beautiful. If you choose this tranquil time of year to wed, remember that you will be going through the snow and wear your boots, mittens, coat, and some heat packs. You get the drift! But it’s worth it for the incredible beauty, quiet and natural grandeur.

Sprague Lake is located seven miles from the Beaver Meadows Visitor Center entrance of RMNP, just off Bear Lake Road. The walk itself will have you stopping to snap those photo-worthy moments. Simply Eloped will help you with all the permits and logistics for your Sprague Lake elopement, so you don’t have to worry about anything.

Bear Lake
20 people + 5 vehicles

Bear Lake is a stunning spot that offers ease of access and crazy amazing wedding photos! Bear Lake is one of the most sought-after views in the park. So keep this in mind when planning your elopement. Early morning or late afternoon will be your best windows of opportunity. It is also near Dream Lake for hikers who want to take dreamy photos after the ceremony sans guests.

Bear Lake is one of the best locations for autumn color. The trees turn golden, and it looks like a fall painting—the Colorado autumn elopement you have seen in all the photos. Later in the year, the lake freezes over and creates an accessible winter elopement location. The views are just stunning. You can choose to hike or snowshoe! It’s nature’s beauty at its best, and you could not dream up a better place for a winter wedding.

Besides incredible mountain views, it also offers nearby restrooms – a real bonus! It’s also just off the trailhead, so the walk is short. However, this site has restrictions. After you read them all, it translates to you can elope here on weekdays between October and May. So plan around that if you choose this naturally beautiful location. Or, let us plan for your Bear Lake elopement – all you have to do is check a few boxes!

You have to watch Josie + Jacob’s Bear Lake Winter Wedding – there are wolves (at a distance…)!

Upper Beaver Meadows
30 people + 10 cars

This spot is your vibe if you envision intimacy and peaceful rolling meadows. Plus, this is one of the ceremony locations that allows a larger entourage—an attractive choice for a summertime elopement (this location is not open November – April). The views include Long Peaks, and there are several backdrops to choose from for your ceremony.

Upper Beaver Meadows is a favorite location for those looking to say “I Do’. There are not as many tourists, and it’s a wide-open area. It is located 1.5 miles from the Beaver Valley Visitor Center Entrance, and it’s easy to access with the newer road. After you arrive, it’s just a short walk to the scenic spot. There is a parking lot AND restrooms, so all the conveniences of home!

Let’s talk about the breathtaking sunsets. It’s perfect for a late afternoon ceremony followed by a golden hour photography session. Remember that you still need to wear footwear that will allow you to climb up some rocky areas. But for our money, this is the most secluded you will get for a Rocky Mountain National Park wedding. We would love to plan a no-stress Upper Beaver Meadows elopement for you!

Lily Lake
10 people at The Dock | 20 people at The Trail | 30 people at the Picnic Area + 10 vehicles

Lily Lake has a lot to offer and is only 6.5 miles from Beaver Meadows Visitor Lodge. The walk into the lake is only a ¼ mile and is wheelchair accessible in good weather. There are even restrooms and a picnic shelter. It also means a ton of tourists, but if you don’t mind having everyone celebrate with you (lots of congrats will be yelled your way!!), this is a location to consider seriously.

There are three ceremony choices at Lily Lake. The Southside Picnic Area, the trail, or the dock itself. Lily Lake Dock boasts 360-degree mountain views, and you will want to be there at sunrise or sunset. You can’t beat the serene alpine lake with views every which way you look. So if you don’t mind having some extra guests behind your photos, you can take advantage of this superb location. Be sure to climb the knoll as it offers some of the best views.

The Lily Lake Picnic Area is a wooded spot with six rustic picnic tables, and you are allowed 30 guests!. The fun fact about this location is that you have a special permit asking others to leave the area for your use. Read all about it here.

We love Lily Lake and can’t wait to help you elope here. Just head on over to Simply Eloped and choose your date, and we will make sure you have a stress-free experience.

Copeland Lake
30 people + 10 vehicles

Copeland Lake elopements are very popular as it’s incredibly picturesque in early summer. The lake is brimming with freshly melted snow, and the greenery is very lush. It is located 13 miles from the Beaver Valley Visitor Center off Hwy 7 in Wild Basin. There is an access road leading to a small parking lot. You will reach the pretty lake surrounded by aspen trees after a short walk. There is ample natural space along the lake for you and your loved ones.

Be aware that later in the year is not the time for this location. The water levels fall, and the lake is not so pretty. So grab a spring date and let Simply Eloped help you book your early summer elopement at Copeland Lake. You won’t regret it!

Hidden Valley
30 people

Hidden Valley elopements are for couples who love forests more than mountains. It’s a treasure of a location that is not as well known (thus the name!). It is quiet even during the busiest tourist days compared to other places. The meadows are awash in wildflowers during the summer. There are not as many mountain views, but the beautiful pine and aspen trees make up for it.

And there are amenities. Hidden Valley is off HWY 36, where it turns into Trail Ridge Road. You can drive up the mountain for some of those epic view photos after your ceremony. There are restrooms, plenty of parking, and a picnic shelter. A Hidden Valley elopement has it all. We would love to help you make your Colorado elopement dream come true.

Can You Take Photos anywhere In RMNP?

The short answer is yes. Of course, you have to follow Park rules and guidelines like everyone else. Be sure to have a reasonable timeline for your day. It can be surprising how long it might take to hike up to your fav photo op. And be sure to have some supplies along the way. Hand mirror, touch-up makeup, snacks, and drinks come to mind. Your photographer will have a few more tips for you if this is your plan. Simply Eloped photographers know all the secret places to take you for your newlywed session.

Wedding Vendors At Rocky Mountain National Park

Unsurprisingly, there is a vibrant wedding community around the Park. We continually see the fantastic photos of happy newlyweds from RMNP, and the Park continues to be a top elopement destination. Simply Eloped has long-standing relationships with some of the best Rocky Mountain National Park wedding vendors. Once you book with us, we will put you in touch with your team, and they will help you customize your special day. Easy breezy, as we like to say.

Where To Stay And Play By Rocky National Mountain Park

RMNP is blessed with a wonderful array of options when it comes to where to stay, eat and play. Estes Park is, of course, the main attraction since it is only a few minutes away. This lively, urban town is loaded with both economy and luxury options. And it is super pet friendly with the pawsome Estes Valley Dog Park. Naturally, we have a few favs we would love to share.

Read all about pets and Estes Park here!

Airbnbs, Hotels, and Resorts in Este Park

The first choice for many is Airbnb. You will find economical condos, adorable cabins, and lovely luxury homes. Couples with family and guests at their elopement find it makes sense to have everyone together. Let’s face it; you are likely making lots of celebration noise! Word to the wise: you must have the permission of the owner to hold a ceremony or other formal event at an Airbnb. Just be upfront about what you have planned.

However, if you are looking for a hotel or resort experience, try Inn on Fall River (cute cabins!), Estes Park Condos or Estes Park Resort, Hotel Estes (Pet-Friendly), and Murphy’s River Lodge (Pet-Friendly). We also love that the famous Stanley Hotel is in Estes Park. You know, the one that inspired Stephen King to write The Shining! It is an incredibly luxurious hotel, so it is one to add to your list.

Don’t forget local bed-and-breakfasts as an option. It’s one way to be very private, plus breakfast appears each morning. A win/win for newlyweds!

Camping in Estes Park and Area

We know you’re out there! Couples who want to camp for their elopement. Please check out Simply Eloped’s Colorado Wildflower Packages! Adventure is obviously your middle name.

It is best to reserve for RMNP campgrounds, but Long Peaks Campground is a first-come, first-served spot. Check out all the options here. There are also private campgrounds around Estes Park. You can back-country camp or hang out in a campground with all the amenities. And, yes, there is glamping. There is even cliff camping, which gives those of us with a fear of heights nightmares! But it is a pretty unique experience if you are up to it! (you saw what we did there, right?) For all the options, visit this comprehensive camping guide for Estes Park.

Food and Drink in Estes Park (aka Where to Celebrate!!)

Simply Eloped sees a lot of couples who are excited to have a wedding cake or some other treat waiting for them after their elopement. We love You Need Pie which provides everything from cupcakes to fabulous tiered wedding cakes and, of course, pie! Stick around for their diner food – it’s worth it.

If you are looking for an elegant reception dinner, we suggest trying Twin Owls Steakhouse at Taharaa Mountain Lodge. Or, if you want to look at some spectacular views while you celebrate, visit Dunraven Resort Restaurant. We love the artisan Bird & Jim for a locally-sourced fancy cuisine. Big Horn Restaurant will pack you a picnic lunch for your hiking day or elopement! Ed’s Cantina is for the Marguerita and tacos crowd, and they have a private upstairs room with a view for groups. For the morning after, we suggest Eggs of Estes!

For those who are vegan-friendly, try Claire’s Restaurant & Bar. And last but not least, for local breweries, you will love Rock Cut Brewing Company and Lumpy Ridge Brewing Company. These two are perfect for the ‘night before’ celebrations with your entourage.

What To Do Around Rocky Mountain National Park

Likely you will be around RMNP for a few days – perhaps even your honeymoon. Whatever shall you do? It turns out quite a lot!

Linda and Huy by Alisha Light

It’s not a stretch to think that many couples eloping in RMNP are also avid hikers! So what are some of the most famous hikes in the area? Dream Lake is not a ceremony location, but it is one of the most photographed spots for newlyweds in RMNP. Hike up the Bear Lake Trailhead to Nymph Lake (usually covered in lily pads – thus the name!) and then to Dream Lake. If you continue on yet another half mile, you will see the extraordinary Emerald Lake. A breathtaking walk filled with unrivaled scenery. Of course, the whole RMNP and area is one great hike after another, so you might want to check in with the pros.

Need to get off your feet? You can visit the Park by way of a relaxing drive. Take the Trail Ridge Road up to the Alpine Visitor Center – which sits at 11,796 ft. It’s quite a way to get a bird’s eye view of the landscape.

What if nature is not all you had in mind for your elopement? No worries – there is so much else going on! First on the list is to visit the Stanley Hotel for one of their tours. The night tour is paranormal activity, and you must reserve in advance. It’s a Stephen King fan experience. Don’t worry – there are day tours, too.

Horseback riding, mountain climbing, jeep tours, paddle boarding on Sprague Lake, four-wheeling, whitewater rafting, minigolf, winery tasting, and fishing tours are available. Whew! No shortage of excitement.

Afterward, simply stroll about town and sample some of the candy, homemade taffy, and ice cream shops. Or you can take a trolley tour! (seriously! rent a trolley for your elopement day!) You can take an aerial tram to the top of a mountain or rent a bike to wheel around town.

If you take a stroll on the Riverwalk you will see the thriving arts scene in Estes Park. And don’t miss the amusement parks nearby. Enjoy this full rundown on all things Estes Park – they have worked hard to provide every attraction possible.

We don’t want to miss the smaller community of Grand Lake on the west side of RMNP, which is a quaint and quiet village that offers a more peaceful experience for your elopement. Be aware that the West entrance to the Park is not open all the time in the winter. But if you are looking for a more Western-style elopement, this might be more of your thing. There are still amazing views, restaurants, and lodging. Just all more themed. The historic-styled boardwalk is on the money with lots of yummy things to eat and kitschy shopping—all while surrounded by snow-peaked mountaintops. You can easily picture picking up a coffee and staring at the scenery on the morning of your elopement!

Eloping In Rocky Mountain National Park Is Your Dream Come True

Simply Eloped truly believes in the idea of fun, no-stress, romantic and economical weddings. That’s why we hope that you will be as excited by the idea of eloping in RMNP as we are! The grandeur of natural backdrops in every beautiful season alongside exciting towns filled with things to do is what we call the perfect storm. We also hope you will trust us to be your elopement planning partner.

We promise to make your Rocky Mountain National Park elopement a lifetime experience.
So simply:

  • Choose your date, RMNP destination, and package
  • Book online using our streamlined process
  • Share your vision with your Simply Eloped planner
  • Chat with your Simply Eloped vendors to personalize your ceremony
  • Show up and say ‘I DO’!

It’s that simple! We look forward to working with you to create your elopement vision and become Simply Eloped newlyweds!

Let’s go with what you need to know:

Reasons to Elope at Rocky Mountain National Park
How to Get to RMNP
How to Legally Wed
The Best Ceremony Locations (in our humble opinion!)
Vendors that Rock
Where to Stay and Play

A Fun Simply Eloped Fact:

RMNP boasts spectacular ceremony views but Simply Eloped couples are especially in love with these top three choices!

3M Curve
Sprague Lake
Bear Lake

Read all about why!

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Janessa White is the co-founder of Simply Eloped and has helped thousands of couples plan elopements. As an expert in the field, she has been featured on Martha Stewart, Brides.com, Vox, and HuffPost. Janessa thinks elopements are the ultimate way to tie the knot.