Jessica & Tanner’s Garden of the Gods Elopement in Colorado

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3 min read Sep 2, 2021


Jessica & Tanner are an IG couple who met in person over dinner. It didn’t take long for Tanner to put a ring on it! The couple was quick to choose Garden of the Gods for their elopement as it had the two things they were looking for – adventure and uniqueness. They tied the knot atop the red rocks and rocked the desert vibes. We love the highway photos and the blonde cutie with an amazing grin! Join Jessica & Tanner as they describe their no-hassle Simply Eloped Colorado ceremony.


How did you meet? What was your first impression of one another? 

Jessica: We met on Instagram. About a week later we decided to meet for dinner! My first impression of Tanner was how sweet and handsome he was. 

Tanner: My first impression of Jessica was that she was shy but beautiful. 


How did you propose or accept the proposal?

Tanner: I took Jessica out to eat on our first anniversary. Afterward, we drove up the mountain in Highlands, NC, and pulled off on one of the lookouts. When Jessica was looking out at the view, I got down on one knee! 


Where did you choose to elope, and why did you choose that destination?

Jessica & Tanner: We chose the Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs, CO, for our elopement destination because we loved how stunning the rock formations were and the view of Pikes Peak all around! 

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What attracted you to the venue you chose for your elopement? What was special about eloping there?

Jessica & Tanner: The Garden of the Gods was attractive because it looked adventurous and unique. Our favorite part of eloping there was getting to see the park and knowing that we were gonna have some awesome pictures once we were done, haha!


How would you describe your elopement venue to someone who has never been there? 

Jessica & Tanner: It was very easy to get around. There are a lot of places that you can drive right up to and hop out and check out, so many different places that you could get married in the park for whatever view you’re looking to have! There are lots of amazing places that you could take pictures! 


What did you do before the wedding? How did you get ready? How did you feel in the moments leading up to your elopement? 

Jessica: I went to a local salon in Colorado Springs to get my hair and make-up done. Afterward, I went back to our Airbnb to get dressed. From there we drove to the park to get married, and we were so excited!! 


How was your experience with Simply Eloped? 

Jessica & Tanner: Simply Eloped was as simple as it gets! So easy, no-hassle, you are good to go once you pick out your location and date! 


How did you choose to celebrate your elopement?

Jessica & Tanner: Afterward, we went to an Italian restaurant and ate pasta with wine. 


What words of encouragement do you have for those considering eloping?

Jessica & Tanner: DO IT! DO IT! DO IT! So adventurous, so affordable, and can we just talk about all the AWESOME venues available! Stress-free, so much more intimate, memories that you will be so glad that you made!


Officiation by: Tessa Powell
Photography by: Lisa Rose Rankin
Flowers by: Ruffly Rose
Planning by: Simply Eloped
Venue: Garden of the Gods, Colorado

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Written by Janessa White

Janessa White is the co-founder of Simply Eloped and has helped thousands of couples plan elopements. As an expert in the field, she has been featured on Martha Stewart,, Vox, and HuffPost. Janessa thinks elopements are the ultimate way to tie the knot.