Pharmacy Museum Elopement Event Rules

1 min read Jul 8, 2024

What you need to know


Rules are below!

  1. This is a one-hour rental! Setup, ceremony, and breakdown are to take place within the hour rental!
  2. There is a maximum of 15 guests permitted to attend the elopement event.
  3. You will be allowed in the venue 15 minutes prior to your ceremony start time and NO earlier.
  4. All outside vendors must be communicated to your Planner and are to abide by the hour rental time.
  5. Chair/decor rentals must only be delivered and picked up within the hour rental.
  6. We must be made aware of any second line following the ceremony that begins at Pharmacy Museum so the staff can be aware!
  7. A fine of $500 will apply if any rules are not followed.


Also important


  1. If you are bringing a cake, you are responsible for bringing plates, forks, napkins, and something to cut the cake.
  2. All deliveries MUST take place within the hour timeframe.


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