Pisgah National Forest Permit Rules

2 min read Mar 27, 2024

What you need to know:

  • We are required to have a Simply Eloped person on site – this can be an officiant, photographer, videographer or onsite helper (which means with our Orchid Package, you are required to add-on our onsite helper to have them on site).
  • No alcohol is allowed.
  • Please stay on designated trails.
  • All garbage associated with the event must be picked up and removed.
  • The use of birdseed, rose petals, rice, etc. on the national forest is not allowed.
  • Chairs, arbors, or other items associated with your ceremony cannot be accommodated.
  • Keep in mind, the national forest is for the enjoyment of everyone. While you are on the national forest, you are not allowed to block a trail or any part of an area for your ceremony.
  • Blocking off an area or hindering access to the trail or an area by others is in violation of Forest Service regulations.

Also important

  • Comply with all present and future federal laws and regulations and all present and future state, county, and municipal laws, regulations, and other legal requirements that apply to the permit area, to the extent they do not conflict with federal law, regulation, or policy. The Forest Service assumes no responsibility for enforcing laws, regulations, and other legal requirements that fall under the jurisdiction of other governmental entities.
  • The use and occupancy authorized by this permit are not exclusive. The Forest Service reserves the right of access to the permit area, including a continuing right of physical entry to the permit area for inspection, monitoring, or any other purpose consistent with any right or obligation of the United States under any law or regulation.
  • The Forest Service reserves the right to allow others to use the permit area in any way that is not inconsistent with the holder’s rights and privileges under this permit, after consultation with all parties involved. Except for any restrictions that the holder and the authorized officer agree are necessary to protect the installation and operation of authorized temporary improvements, the lands and waters covered by the permit shall remain open to the public for all lawful purposes.
  • Signs posted on National Forest System lands must have prior written approval of the authorized officer.
  • Protect from damage the land, property, and other interests of the United States that are associated with the use and occupancy authorized by this permit. Damage includes but is not limited to destruction of or damage to National Forest lands covered by the permit, fire suppression costs, and destruction of or damage to government-owned improvements covered by the permit.
  • Avoid damaging or contaminating the environment, including but not limited to the soil, vegetation (such as trees, shrubs, and grass), surface water, and groundwater.
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