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Love comes in all forms, and we find it really great that people are now opening up to a broader aspect of this. With same-sex marriage being legal in 29 countries, a lot of couples tend to choose to elope instead. The abundance of the demand explains the need for LGBT elopement packages. Here’s a complete guide on what you should look for in one and some additional tips to get you started in planning your most special day.

Things To Consider in LGBT elopement packages

It can be harder to find the right package for you as an LGBT couple, but we are here to guide you in picking the one that will make your dream union come true.

Create Your Wedding Vision
If you don’t have one yet, we recommend collecting LGBT wedding ideas from friends who have already experienced one or even online. Pinterest along with sites like ours provide inspiration for elopements. Use all of these as options and customize them in a way that best fits your preferences. Having a concrete vision of how you want to celebrate your day before anything else will help you proceed with a direction during the wedding planning.

Set Your Budget
Like any other wedding, you should always consider your budget when choosing the right one among all the LGBT elopement packages. You can easily adjust everything to fit the budget when you know how much your total wedding fund is.

Decide on Your Guestlist
The advantage of eloping is that you have the freedom to choose whether you’ll have guests or not. Some couples want to make it as intimate as possible and opt not to have anyone but an officiant and a photographer. In contrast, others want to have their closest family and friends witness their ceremony. Decide on this so you’ll know if the headcount you want will fit some of the LGBT elopement packages you plan on choosing.

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Choose Your Elopement Location
Another edge of eloping is that you can choose wherever and however you want to say your vows for each other. Traditional weddings can be restrictive with where you want to have your ceremony, but that is not the case with elopements. You can choose to say your “I dos” on top of a mountain, in the middle of the forest, or any location possible – your imagination is the limit. The best part is that there are many LGBT wedding ideas that you can use if you decide to do a destination elopement. Here are some elopement places to choose from:

Magical Castle
You and your partner will definitely feel like royalty if you decide to marry in a Castle. What’s even more fantastic is that Ireland, the first nation to legalize same-sex marriage, is abundant with castles.

White Beaches
If you’re a couple who enjoys the water, you can either have a party or a relaxing elopement on a white beach. There are a lot of LGBT-approved places with beaches that are the quintessential image of paradise, such as Florida, Puerto Vallarta, Spain, and Bora Bora.

Cascading Waterfalls or Ice-covered lands featuring volcanoes
For a jaw-dropping elopement experience with a stunning view in your background, Iceland is the best place for you. Its beauty is so remarkable, and it is legal for everyone to marry with its Nordic backdrop.

Luxurious Hotels
Suppose you want to experience luxury at its finest. In that case, you can get married to your partner in a deluxe hotel in Buenos Aires, the first place in Latin America that stood for marriage equality.

Luscious Mountains
Do you love a great hiking adventure? Why not affirm your love for each other at the top of a mountain. The luscious mountains of Colorado, Rio de Janeiro, and Capetown are perfect places to get married legally.

Elegant Vineyard
A vineyard is an elegant and sophisticated place to get married. In addition to that, you get to have direct access to wine, so running out of it will not be a problem. Vineyards in San Francisco accommodate everyone who wants to get married in their stunning vineyard venues.

Las Vegas
You can also decide to marry in the wedding capital of the world – Las Vegas. This place can accommodate intimate celebrations, planned or even spontaneously. It can be a fun and unique experience for you both!

Pick your Wedding Styling
Now that you’ve decided where you want to elope, you can go back to your wedding vision and choose the styling that best fits you. Your desired styling should suit your venue, including your LGBT wedding outfits and theme for coherence. Here are some wedding stylings to choose from:

Create a timeless theme with dainty white flowers, fine linens, and elegant but minimal decorations.

This style is perfect for venues in the great outdoors since earthy elements and nature inspires it.

Let your elopement stand out with this non-traditional theme that uses bold colors and quirky details. This styling is perfect for couples who love to stay true to their uniqueness no matter what.

This dreamy aesthetic would make you fall even more in love with its soft color scheme, muted light, lace designs, and stunning flowers.

Are you thinking of a theme that would fit a ceremony done on top of a mountain? The rustic theme takes advantage of the beauty of the outdoors by keeping it natural and casual. It focuses more on wooden textures, such as natural wood and dried flowers.

LGBT Wedding Ideas
Eloping gives you the flexibility to incorporate your ideas into your ceremony. You can still choose to do the traditions done at every wedding, but it is entirely up to you. We do suggest structuring it to fit you as an LGBT couple. Just make sure to do the things that you only feel comfortable doing. Here are some ways to put some rainbows on wedding traditions:
When it comes to LGBT wedding outfits, you can wear whatever you want. There are no rules of who should wear the wedding dress or suit.
Who should wait for who? Who should walk down the aisle? A great idea to consider is to walk down the aisle together.
Since both of you will be walking down the aisle, another brilliant idea to still capture the magic of seeing each other in your wedding outfits is through a first look.
When it comes to the readings, make sure to tell your officiant that you prefer using the ones that apply to your relationship so that it can be more personal.

Know Your Options for LGBT Wedding Outfits
Elopement gives you the privilege to wear whatever you deem fits you. The couple’s comfort will always be the priority of eloping, so your options for LGBT wedding outfits are limitless. You can both wear a dress, tux, or traditional way of wearing a wedding outfit. If you feel comfortable with it, wear it! After all, your love for each other matters the most.

Look at the Other Available Services for You as a Special Couple
Make sure to consider the other inclusions in LGBT elopement packages. It is a significant edge if you find additional special services for LGBT couples like you! And if you’ve already considered everything, you can start choosing from our available packages. We hope this guide will make it easier for you to choose!

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