Washington Oaks Gardens State Park Permit Rules

2 min read Mar 27, 2024

What you need to know


We ask that you abide by these rules while performing your ceremony:

  1. Food/Drink:

    Food and drink are PROHIBITED in the Formal Gardens.

  2. Trails and Pathways:

    Please stay on designated trails.All photography must be taken on the pathways. Do not go into any garden beds. This damages the sensitive resources of the Park.

  3. Alcohol:

    Alcohol is PROHIBITED in all areas of the Park.

  4. Decoration:

    Nails, push pins, staples, screws, or any adhesive device/material to hang decorations are prohibited. Decorations may be tied with string. Decor and lights may not be hung from any trees, branches, or vegetation. The party may be held liable for any damage to Park property.

  5. Foreign Materials:

    To preserve the natural environment of the Park, smoke bombs, confetti, rice, glitter, balloons, dropping silk flower petals, dropping fake or real petals, or introduction of any foreign materials, or the release of live birds, butterflies, or any animal are PROHIBITED.

  6. Restoration Areas:

    Do not walk, stand, or sit in the mondo grass under the oak trees. We are actively trying to restore these areas and pedestrian traffic damages and kills these plants. Entering garden beds, standing in mondo grass restoration areas, entering ponds, climbing beach dunes, entering shoreline restoration areas, or damaging any natural resources will result in cancellation of the permit and a request to leave the Park IMMEDIATELY.


Also important


  • No pets are allowed.
  • No smoke bombs!
  • The permit is for non-exclusive use of the area, so other members of the public may also be present.
  • Use of drones is not permitted.
  • Vehicles are not permitted to drive on ANY of the paths in the gardens.
  • All activities, changing of clothing, and gatherings of large crowds are NOT permitted inside the Visitor Center Museum or inside the Gift Shop.
Written by Karen Norian

Karen Norian is an elopement photographer and has photographed over a hundred elopements. Karen has also worked as an elopement planner for Simply Eloped. She's been quoted in the New York Times, Brides, Hello Giggles, Bustle, Yahoo, and more.