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The south and west converge in spectacular ways on Arizona’s lands: red rocks, pine forests, mountain streams. Sedona is a spiritual and artistic high desert mountain town. As one of the world’s natural wonders, the Grand Canyon is farther north and always breathtaking, making it just one of the beautiful places to elope in Arizona. If you’re looking to elope in Arizona or are looking for the best places to elope in Arizona, we’ve got you covered!

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The South & West converge in Arizona’s spectacular red rocks, pine forests, and mountain streams. A desert paradise!


Sedona, a spiritual & artistic high desert park, is practically inviting you to say your vows at this world-famous spot.


Arizona is home to the natural wonders of the world. Eloping here is a headrush of excitement, beauty, and wonder!

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Adara and Landon

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Lucy and Kenneth

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Ashlynn and Jacob

How to elope in Arizona

If you’re dreaming of a red rock wedding with miles of unimpeded desert views and cacti for guests, then an Arizona elopement is for you! The landscapes of Arizona are vast and wild, the perfect small wedding location for couples that want to be awed by nature. Whether you choose to elope at the world wonder that is the Grand Canyon, the spiritual high desert town of Sedona, or amidst the streams and pine forests of Flagstaff, we’re here to provide the lowdown on eloping in Arizona.

What are the best places to elope in Arizona?

Our favorite elopement destinations in Arizona are the areas around the Grand Canyon, Flagstaff, and Sedona. The Grand Canyon is world-famous for good reason: gorgeous colors of orange, red, and purple adorn the vast valleys, while multiple points along the rim offer awe-inspiring scenery. There’s also nothing like a Grand Canyon sunrise or sunset, where every slight change in light completely transforms the landscape.

Flagstaff, located an hour and a half from the South Rim of the Grand Canyon, is considered the park’s gateway. The charming mountain town is home to Arizona’s tallest mountain (Humphrey’s Peak), as well as a handful of Native American pueblo sites and cliff dwellings. The Mariposa Meadow, located at the Arizona Nordic Village in Flagstaff, is a great option for a DIY-style intimate wedding with onsite yurts for overnight stays. We also love the Arboretum at Flagstaff, which offers forest and panoramic mountain views.

Sedona, roughly two hours south of the Grand Canyon and just 45 minutes from Flagstaff, is one of the most scenic towns in the country with numerous viewpoints that will take your breath away. Sedona is a high desert town known for its spiritual vortexes and New Age vibe. Spas and galleries are plentiful in this artsy community, as are epic hiking and mountain biking trails. The town sits amidst red rock formations, bright blue sky, and green juniper trees, guaranteeing stunning wedding photos.

For a Sedona elopement, we love the Crescent Moon Day Use Area, which sits between Oak Creek and Cathedral Rock. The adobe Chapel at Tlaquepaque on the other hand is an indoor venue—perfect for beating the heat—located in the heart of Sedona’s quaint shopping district. We also recommend the Briar Patch Inn, a lodge and venue location that sits adjacent to a tranquil creek in a shaded Sedona canyon.

Does an Arizona elopement require witnesses?

The state of Arizona does require two witnesses. So if you have your heart set on an elopement package with just you and your partner then you might have to improvise by asking a kind stranger to sign your marriage certificate. While your Arizona elopement photographer can always serve as a witness, your officiant can’t legally marry you and serve as a witness.

What time of year is best for an Arizona elopement?

Arizona is sunny and dry most of the year, although summers can be very hot, with daytime temperatures reaching 90-degrees and up. Still, if you’re wanting to explore the slot canyon, this is the season. We personally love fall in Arizona, for the colors from September through November really compliment the natural landscape. In the winter, snow is common in Flagstaff (there’s a ski resort) and at the Grand Canyon (we love the look of the rim blanketed in snow). Spring brings desert flowers and ideal temperatures.

What’s the best time of day for an Arizona elopement?

Because daytime temperatures in Arizona can get quite hot and the midday sun isn’t ideal for photos, we recommend the golden hour around sunrise and sunset. Although sunrise and sunset times vary throughout the year, as a general rule you’ll want to plan your intimate wedding ceremony to start slightly before sunrise or about an hour before sunset. Fun fact: Arizona doesn’t observe daylight savings time.

How much does it cost to have an Arizona elopement?

Depending on where in Arizona you choose to elope, your wedding can be very affordable. Due to the isolation and popularity of the Grand Canyon, it’s the most expensive option when it comes to an Arizona elopement. No matter where you choose to wed, you’ll want to take into consideration all the costs surrounding your trip, including lodging, dining, and transportation in addition to permit fees and the cost of your elopement vendors. Because there’s a lot to see and many of the best locations require a drive, we recommend renting a car.

What do you need to legally elope in Arizona?

To get married in Arizona you’ll need a valid ID (a birth certificate, passport, or state-issued ID works), your social security number, and the presence of both parties when picking up your license. An Arizona marriage license costs $83 and no matter what county you get it in, your marriage license can apply to a wedding ceremony that takes place anywhere in Arizona. You will need an officiant to perform the ceremony and sign your marriage license, which can then be mailed to the Clerk of the Superior Court.

Know that with Covid-19, some courthouses require appointments to get a marriage license, while others are offering the ability to apply for a marriage license by mail.

Can you get married the same day in Arizona?

Arizona does not have a waiting period, meaning your elopement can take place the same day you get your marriage certificate.

Kiran Herbert

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Kiran Herbert

Kiran Herbert is an elopement officiant and writer who takes pride in making all of her ceremonies magical. Kiran grew up around the world but having spent a year living in national parks, she’s convinced that the U.S. is the most beautiful.

Updated: February 15th, 2024

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