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Coastal plains, dense forests and rugged mountains, North Carolina elopement packages have so much to offer. Waterfalls, sweeping valleys, rustic farms, and scenic mountain viewpoints are just some of the best places to elope in North Carolina. For couples eloping in NC, lively little cities like Asheville make for the perfect place to celebrate as newlyweds.

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Why North Carolina elopement packages are awesome


Elope in North Carolina’s coastal plains, enchanting forests, and rugged, striking mountain views.


Have an outdoor ceremony or reception on a dazzlingly cute farm, because who can say no to a little rustic in their elopement?


North Carolina’s cities are surrounded by lush nature. Perfect for celebrating after your scenic elopement!

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North Carolina Elopement Packages

We will help you lock down the ceremony spot and elopement package that best meets your budget, while helping you produce an unforgettable elopement and intimate wedding!

Our North Carolina elopement packages start at $425 and will help you elope in North Carolina easily and affordably.

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My now husband and I eloped with Simply Eloped and cannot even begin to explain how they were!! Moving from Australia to California, and then eloping in a location that neither my husband or I had even visited should have been daunting, but the team was absolutely amazing. Janessa was on the ball with EVERYTHING and answered any weird or wacky question we had basically before we’d even asked it. Do not think twice about booking these guys; it was an absolute dream!!

Liz & Vin
Liz & Vin

My husband and I found Simply Eloped online about 6 months ago, and are so glad we did!It was perfect! I had so much anxiety about planning it long distance and all of the details coming together, but as soon as the moment came all of my stress was gone. Our flowers were absolutely stunning, the intimate wedding ceremony went smoothly. I would absolutely recommend Simply Eloped!

Jillian & Tyler
Jillian & Tyler

Wow! My now husband and I can only rave about this company. When we decided to go the elopement route opposed to having a wedding, I contacted Simply Eloped and they were super helpful. Any question I had was answered quickly. The process was exceptionally simple. Our permit, flowers, booking for officiant and photographer were all taken care of. We chose to have a sunrise intimate wedding and they were completely fine with meeting with us at 5:30am! It was so beautiful: wildlife surrounded us during our ceremony and the sunrise was PERFECT. Everything was great. I have no complaints, whatsoever.

Billie Jeanne & Brian
Billie Jeanne & Brian

We just eloped in June. We used Simply Eloped and I cannot say enough good things about the company. Janessa was great with planning and assuring us that everything would be taken care of. I would recommend this company to anyone. I feel very grateful that we were able to have such a stress free and beautiful day.

Chase & Jenna
Chase & Jenna

I am very happy that I chose Simply Eloped for my ceremony.

Ashley & Matt
Ashley & Matt

Thank you! You made our amazing wedding possible.

Janessa & Tyler
Janessa & Tyler


Samantha and Cole
Samantha and Cole

Overall, we are beyond happy with our decision of going with Simply Eloped. We loved all of our vendors, they were fun, sweet, and down to earth. Just like us. The vibe and energy was exactly what we dreamed it’d be. I wish I could relive our wedding day over and over again. Thank you to Simply Eloped and all of our wonderful vendors for helping us have the wedding of our dreams.

Miranda and Jonathan
Miranda and Jonathan

When researching elopement companies, Simply Eloped had everything we were looking for and the website was very informative and seemed to be the perfect fit!

Margo and Kurt
Margo and Kurt

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What it's like to elope here

Sam & TJ started talking at work (TJ packed up extra hours to be able to see Sam more!) and the conversations just kept on going after work. A Grand Canyon proposal took this couple to Simply Eloped to help them plan the beautiful elopement they envisioned. The newly engaged couple knew they wanted an intimate celebration. The two of them chose Something Blue Mountain Venue in Asheville, NC for the scenery. Their expectations were exceeded when they eloped in a private ceremony next to a field of wildflowers. Sam & TJ wanted their wedding to be an adventure and that is what they had! Learn more about how Simply Eloped helped this couple simple up their wedding day.

Where did you choose to elope and why did you choose that destination? 

Sam: We eloped in Ashville, North Carolina. We browsed the website looking for destinations that we hadn’t been to yet. The mountains looked beautiful and we weren’t disappointed!

What Attracted You To The Venue You Chose For Your Elopement? What Were Your Favorite Parts About Eloping There? 

Sam: We wanted somewhere private. We chose Something Blue Mountain Venue because we loved the scenery. We love being outside and the mountain views were amazing!

How Would You Describe Your Elopement Venue To Someone Who Has Never Been There?

Sam:  We were married on a patio overlooking a valley with the Blue Mountains behind us. There was a field beside us that had wildflowers everywhere. It was a beautiful place.

What did you do before the wedding? How did you get ready? How did you feel in the moments leading up to your elopement? 

Sam: We were a little more last minute with our vows than we wanted to be. We put the finishing touches on those the morning of our elopement! We got ready together at the hotel and off we went! We took a selfie in the truck to send to our families. We both had some nervous energy going on. It was a roller coaster of emotions.

The vibe of your elopement should match the vibe of your relationship and in the case of Sarah and Bret, that’s exactly what they did! Adventuring, hiking and exploring the great outdoors are all things they enjoyed doing in their 5-year dating relationship leading up to their wedding and they thought it appropriate to incorporate those themes into their ceremony. Trekking down from Rhode Island to Asheville to elope, they chose the top of the mountain at Black Balsam Knob for their ceremony venue. Read more about Sarah and Bret’s stress-free Asheville elopement.

How did you know Simply Eloped was the right fit for you?

Sarah plans events for work, but had no interest in doing all of her wedding planning. Bret is an easygoing guy that didn’t want to stress about the planning and wanted to focus on the ceremony. When they came across Simply Eloped and saw that it was all one big package tied in bow, they knew it was the answer. The only time Bret and Sarah were stressed was when Sarah forgot her hair flowers at the AirBnB and Bret had to rush them to the hair salon. Everything else was a breeze.

What attracted you to Black Balsam Knob in Asheville?

We love being outside and hiking. We love to travel and going on adventures has shaped our relationship. We knew we wanted to get married somewhere out-of-state in the mountains, but close enough to home (Richmond, VA), that we could go visit for anniversaries to come! We had traveled to Asheville before and run through Black Mountain, so we chose the Asheville area and beautiful Black Balsam Knob. It ended up being the perfect venue.

What words of encouragement do you have for those considering eloping?

Eloping was the best! Our day was personal, intimate and customized to how we wanted to celebrate our love and marriage. We knew we wanted to hike up a mountain and that we wanted to travel for our wedding, and we couldn’t do that with a traditional, large wedding. Also this is such a cost effective wedding style. The money we saved could fund another vacation or house renovations. Our wedding was very “us” and stress free. We wouldn’t have had it any other way.

Life has a way of guiding you in the right direction, especially when it comes to love. So when Ashton accepted a full-time internship at Life.Church, she didn’t know that the Music Director, Jordan, would become much more than just a coworker — but it wouldn’t take long. Jordan chased her down in the lobby one evening to ask if he could walk her to her car, and that’s all it took: they’ve been together ever since.

Ashton and Jordan chose Sapphire Point the way many people tend to make decisions: Google. After looking at elopement inspiration images, they were sold on having a Sapphire Point elopement.

“Looking back, pictures do not do Sapphire Point justice! We knew that we wanted to go somewhere peaceful, beautiful, and possibly cold, so on top of a mountain seemed like the perfect idea,” Ashton said.

“Sapphire Point in the fall was the perfect place and time for our wedding,” Jordan recalled. “Seeing the love of my life walk down that trail at sunset and getting married in front of a local family of chipmunks was absolutely unforgettable!”

As for Ashton, she remembered simply waking up on her big day having no worries. “All I needed, had to do, and wanted to do that day was make it to Jordan. It was simple and so beautiful — effortless.”

At the Sapphire Point overlook, Ashton said the moment that stuck out most to her was meeting Jordan there and taking in the view. “I couldn’t believe he picked me. I remember not being able to stop the tears from streaming down my face; I was in total awe,” she said, adding, “It was a dream come true.”

Ashton was particularly surprised with how easy the planning process was, noting that it was important not to feel overwhelmed or stressed, but rather fully present. Her advice to other couples who are considering eloping? “Don’t get caught up in what others say or think of you when it comes to planning your dream day! It’s your day. Make it exactly what you want, and don’t settle for anything different. There’s so much excitement when it comes to eloping — it’s special and unforgettable.”

Looking at their stunning elopement photos, we couldn’t agree more.

Remembering the ‘little things’ when you first start dating can have incredible meaning later in your relationship with your honey. When it comes to Dakota and Emily, the place they got engaged had a lot of significance for both of them. These two lovebirds had an intimate ceremony tucked away in the red rock paradise of Valley of Fire. If you’re considering eloping in Las Vegas, this is the story for you. Read more about their magical – and private – elopement in Las Vegas!

What attracted you to a Las Vegas elopement?

The Valley of Fire State Park was absolutely breathtaking in photos, and turned out to be even more breathtaking in person. Neither one of us had ever been to Las Vegas, and we thought it would be the perfect place to elope!

What activities did you do before the wedding? How did you prepare? How did you feel leading up to the moments of your elopement?

We got ready separately in our hotel room and did a little “first look” before leaving for the Valley of Fire State Park. We listened to our favorite music along the way and I think that drive was when things finally felt real! We both agreed that we were so excited and not nervous at all. We were ready!

How did you celebrate after?

After the ceremony, we were so hungry and realized that we had forgotten to eat! So, in typical Emily and Dakota fashion, we got fast food on the way back to our hotel and ate it in our wedding attire. We spent the following two days exploring Vegas and enjoying our first few days as partners for life!

Updated: February 15th, 2024

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