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Our goal is to make it easy for couples to elope in San Diego, and we’ve designed packages that’ll help you do just that!


You can optionally add the following to your package:

Elopement Venues

Coronado Beach

Coronado Beach

One of the most popular beaches on the whole west coast, Coronado Beach is a long stretch of flat land and mild waves. Perfect for swimming or…eloping! While we can’t guarantee privacy here since it is an extremely populated and popular beach, more

Ocean Beach

Ocean Beach

If you’re a fan of VW Vans and Taco stands, you’ll fit right in at Ocean Beach. Perfect for the bare-footed or sandaled couple, Ocean Beach has a very chill and local vibe. If you’re looking for a low-key San Diego elopement, this is the spot more

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It’s No Secret…

Traditional weddings are incredibly expensive and can take years to plan. When couples choose to elope, their ceremonies can be planned quickly at a fraction of the cost. But don’t take our word for it!

Sierra and Nathaniel
We were able to get married across the country.. literally from the east coast to the west, and I never thought that could be possible. Our wedding was more beautiful than I ever imagined and I am so grateful for my stress-free wedding.

Sierra and Nathaniel , November 15, 2018

Sunset Cliffs

Cindy and Jimmy
Everything was perfect. They were all great!!

Cindy and Jimmy , December 16, 2018

Wedding Bowl

Ashley and Matthew
Beatrice was great with communication and planning before ceremony. Loved Luisa, she was really fun & talented.

Ashley and Matthew , December 8, 2018

Sunset Cliffs

Jeana and Andrew
I couldn’t have asked for a better officiant or photographer! They immediately put us at ease and were very professional throughout!

Jeana and Andrew , December 1, 2018

Rebecca and Michael
I think everyone was great! Beatrice was really sweet and Luisa was awesome to work with! Janessa has been great with answering all of my questions.

Rebecca and Michael , December 2, 2018

Sunset Cliffs

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