What can I expect after I book and the days leading up to my ceremony?

1 min read Oct 17, 2023

As soon as you book our services, we get to work!
We’ll immediately introduce you to your Personal Elopement Planner, who is kind of like your best friend between the date you book and the day you elope! Your Pep will be ensuring every step of the process is smooth and delightful. They will introduce you to your team, answer any questions you have, put your schedule and invoice together, and much more!

We’ll also begin the process of personalizing. You’ll work with your officiant to ensure your ceremony matches what you envision and dream of. Your photographer will ensure they understand the kind of shots or photos you’re hoping for. Your hair & makeup artist will inquire about the style you’re going for with your hair and makeup. Your dashboard is also customized to meet your needs.

We offer many tools to help you feel at ease about your decision to book Simply Eloped, including your personalized Elopement Checklist, your marriage license guide, your Wedding Page, and more! You can even make installment payments on your invoice at 0% APR. Weeks prior to your ceremony, we’ll send your itinerary with all the details you and your guests need. Your team will meet at your ceremony site, and the rest, as they say, is history.

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