What can I expect on the day of?

1 min read Oct 17, 2023

First off, know that every moment of your elopement day, we are available to you for whatever you need! We’re very prompt on timing with floral delivery, hair & makeup, etc.

Your team will always meet at your venue prior to your ceremony time to ensure everyone is collected, introduced, and ready for a gorgeous ceremony right on time. Your officiant will kick off your ceremony and ensure that all of your requests are beautifully exhibited in your personalized ceremony. It’s important to note that your dedicated Personal Elopement Planner will not be present at the ceremony, but will definitely be accessible by phone or text for your day-of needs.

Ceremonies generally last 15-20 minutes, which will then kick off into your portrait session with your photographer (if you booked one with us). The main task you need to be mindful of on your big day is bringing your marriage license, and we do the rest! πŸŒΌπŸ‘°πŸ€΅

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