Why should I elope?

1 min read Oct 17, 2023

We think there are 1000 reasons you should elope, but here are a few of our favorites:

1. We don’t believe a wedding has to be stressful. There is far less to coordinate (and we take on most of that wedding planning anyhow), and your realm of responsibility consists of making a few decisions and getting your marriage license. It’s hard to beat a wedding that is actually…wait for it…relaxing!

2. Cost-conscious: Let’s be honest, there is so much uncertainty right now! Economic recession? Inflation? Rising cost of living? Save your money for a honeymoon or buying a house and still have an intimate wedding ceremony you’ll remember for the rest of your lives.

3. A Ceremony should be About YOU and YOUR LOVE:
When did a wedding turn into a party for everyone else? We personalize every aspect of your experience – from the vendors to the vows. We’ll even cry real tears with you. We’re here to celebrate the core of what makes a wedding ceremony special: you making a lifetime commitment to the one you love. That’s a big deal – and we treat it as such.

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