Places to Elope in Charleston

There are so many truly magical places to elope in Charleston. Some of our favorites are below!

All Places to Elope in Charleston

Cypress Gardens

Cypress Gardens is a sprawling 170-acre nature preserve. The centerpiece of the gardens is the 80 acres of swamp tupelo and black Cyprus trees. Get around on foot or by boat. Either way, this is...

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Dogwood Downs

Just beyond the bustle of the city, Dogwood Downs is the ultimate rustic low country elopement venue. Like getting married in a beautiful backyard, this photogenic family-owned property is sprinkled with ancient oak trees and...

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A Whitehouse Wedding

As southern and comforting as could be, A Whitehouse Wedding is perched right on the banks of the river and cloaked in majestic old oaks. Venue fees apply.

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I’On Chapel

A refurbished old meeting house, the I’On Chapel recalls a little white chapel. Simple, classic, and downright romantic, the I’On Chapel looks like it was plucked right out of a dream. Venue fees apply.

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Washington Square

In downtown Charleston, Washington Square Park is a classic wedding venue with plenty of space for family and friends. Beautiful drooping oaks are enclosed by ornate wrought iron gates and the park’s wide brick pathways...

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