Places to Elope In Hawaii

Hawaii is full of magical elopement locations. Here are a handful of our favorite places to elope in Hawaii!

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Big Island

Pine Trees Beach

If you’re looking for a beach that has a mix of black rock, sand and trees, Pine Trees beach is the spot for you. Finding an intimate nook is not difficult at this spot and the view is stunning. Beach permit is required.

Hilo Bay

If you like darling little towns with a quiet vibe but lots of surfing and beaches to explore, Hilo is the place for you. This great little college town is on the wet side of the island, providing for thick jungle, lovely waterfalls, great surfing and darling beaches. Heading over to Hilo will definitely give you more of an authentic Hawaiian experience, and you’re not likely to draw a crowd for your intimate beach ceremony. Travel fees may apply.

Captain Cook Bay

How romantic does this sound: have your ceremony on the little inlet of Captain Cook Bay, rent a sea kayak, get caught in a pod of dolphins (which of course you’ll have to hop out of the kayak to swim with), visit the Captain Cook statue, and end your big day with a local mango so fresh the juices run down your chin. This is the daily reality of Captain Cook Bay. Stunning location for the adventurous couple.


If you prefer sea turtles as an audience rather than people on-lookers, we recommend Kiholo Bay. A bit of a trek to get there, but definitely worth it for the wildlife and pristine blue waters backed by black sands. If you don’t mind a little bit of adventure, Kiholo Bay, just right outside of Kona, is a great spot to exchange your vows. Travel fees may apply.


North of Kona, this stretch of beach is a great spot for an intimate elopement. You won’t be bothered by onslaughts of tourists and the snorkeling is unbeatable. Exchange your vows then throw on your suits and snorkels!


Makena Cove

If you’re seeking a location that screams ‘Maui’ it’s Makena Cove. Also known as “Secret” cave or beach, that sweet little spot is tickled with lava rock and surrounded by gorgeous teal waters. Generally, doesn’t get too crowded and definitely not a great spot for a large ceremony. Just perfect for your small and intimate elopement. Will require a beach permit.

Palauea (a.k.a. White Rock)

Palauea – White Rock – is one of the loveliest beaches on all of Maui. If hidden nooks and giant sea turtles are your vibe, we highly recommend this beach for your quiet elopement. The water is calm and clear, which makes for great swimming/snorkeling after you exchange your vows! Parking is on the side of road and there are no bathrooms here, so be warned! This spot does require a beach permit.

Paipu Beach

On the South side of Maui, this beach is known for its sunsets! We’re sure you’ve heard of the epic sunsets in Hawai’i and Paipu is no stranger to them. Though this beach can get a bit public, it’s still full of stunning views, hikes and swimming. This soft-sanded beach is a great spot to say ‘I do’. No matter the size of your guest list, this beach will require a beach permit.

Baldwin Beach

If you don’t mind a few onlookers/applauders when you exchange your vows and you’re seeking the Rolls Royce of Maui beaches, Baldwin Beach is the spot for you! Equipped with all the amenities you need, Baldwin Beach is perfect to help you comfortable on your big day. This huge strip of beach is a great spot to exchange your vows and then spend the day lounging! Beach permit is required.


Located on the northern-west side of the island, Ironwoods is a diverse landscape of beach and greenery. A boardwalk aligns with the beach, making for a relaxing and stunning setting. We love our intimate ceremonies at Ironwoods!
Travel fees do apply.

Kula Botanical Garden

If you’re not a beach lover but still want the magical essence of Maui for your ceremony we highly recommend Kula Botanical Garden. This stunning garden is full of greenery and tropical flowers and is a great choice for your small ceremony.
Entrance fees to apply.


Yokohama Beach Park

If you’re looking for the true private beach experience on Oahu, this is the spot for you! Rarely do tourists head to the west side of the island, despite its incredible beaches and lush greenery! While it’s about an hour drive from Waikiki, it’s surely worth it for the privacy. Beach permit required.

Waimanalo Beach

Waimanalo is located in southeastern Oahu and commonly known as cowboy (Paniolo) countryside. The pristine turquoise waters with soft white sand is everything you dream when you think ‘Hawai’i’. It’s a good half-hour trek from Honolulu. Beach permit required.

Waialae Beach

Situated on Oahu’s south shore, Waialae Beach neighbors Kahala Hotel & Resort. This beach can get busy on the weekends cause it’s so dang lovely! Bordered by a stream and full of incredible reef, this is a great destination for surfing, picnicking or eloping! Beach permit required.

Hale’iwa Beach

Sunsets, sea turtles and green waters? That’s the Hawaiian experience you’ve come for, right? Hale’iwa is a great beach for spotting turtles and the green waters don’t get much more lovely than this. Swimming isn’t great here due to shallow reefs, but the views (and sunsets) are spectacular! Beach permit needed.

Papa’iloa Beach

Big LOST fan? This is the spot for you because this is the beach where the hit TV show was filmed. This stunning beach is a great spot for your (semi) private elopement and is about as picturesque as it comes! Not always great for swimming, but you can’t beat the views! Beach permit is required.

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