New Orleans Small Wedding Venues

New Orleans Small Wedding Venues

New Orleans, a city brimming with charm and history, is an idyllic destination for couples seeking intimate and memorable elopement. Among the myriad of options, New Orleans small wedding venues stand out for their unique blend of historical elegance and natural beauty.

City Park, one of the oldest urban parks in the country, offers a romantic setting amidst ancient oaks, ideal for those looking for a venues that combine natural splendor with historical charm. Audubon Park, another gem in the city, is a favorite among those seeking places to elope in New Orleans. This park, with the iconic Tree of Life and its proximity to the Mississippi River, provides a serene backdrop for a special day.

In the heart of the city, Jackson Square emerges as one of the premier New Orleans elopement locations. This historic site, steeped in the legacy of the 18th century and the heroics of Andrew Jackson, offers a picturesque setting for couples. For a more unconventional and budget-friendly venue, Pirate Alley in the French Quarter presents a historically rich and enchanting option.

Each of these venues, from the sprawling greenery of City Park to the historic streets of the French Quarter, represents the diverse and captivating choices available for couples looking to celebrate their love in New Orleans.

As you can see, New Orleans offers an array of small wedding venues that are as diverse and vibrant as the city itself. From the lush landscapes of City Park and Audubon Park to the historical ambiance of Jackson Square and Pirate Alley, these venues capture the essence of New Orleans’ unique charm. Couples looking for New Orleans small wedding venues will find that each location provides a distinctive backdrop, ensuring their wedding is not only a celebration of their love but also a reflection of the rich culture and history that New Orleans embodies.

All New Orleans Small Wedding Venues
City Park, a New Orleans small wedding venue

City Park

City Park is one of the oldest urban parks in the country. This 1300-acre is filled with ancient oaks and moss-canopies. Have your City Park wedding in this charming and romantic spot!

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Audubon Park, a New Orleans small wedding venue

Audubon Park

Home of the Tree of Life, and nuzzled up to the Mississippi River, Audubon Park is a favorite destination spot for NOLA locals. Filled with greenery, this oasis is ideal for an Audubon Park wedding.

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Jackson Square, a New Orleans small wedding venue

Jackson Square

Originally known in the 18th century as ”Place d’Armes” and later renamed in honor of the battle of New Orleans hero Andrew Jackson, the Jackson Square wedding location is perfect for celebrating your love.

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Pirate Alley, a New Orleans small wedding venue

Pirate Alley

Pirate Alley is a historical niche folded into the French Quarter. This paved little charm is the culprit of history, lore and rumor, but also makes for a great backdrop for your small elopement. If you’re looking to stay in the French Quarter for your elopement, but can’t afford the high fees of Jackson Square, Pirate Alley is a great alternative locale.

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Pharmacy Museum, a New Orleans small wedding venue

Pharmacy Museum

This spot is for history lovers! What was originally the storefront to the nation’s first Pharmacist Louis J. Dufilho Jr., now the Pharmacy Museum wedding venue is the number one choice for celebrating nuptials!

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Oak Alley - Audubon Park, a New Orleans small wedding venue

Oak Alley - Audubon Park

Audubon Park is a favorite destination spot for NOLA locals, specifically Oak Alley. Have your Oak Alley wedding surrounded by trees that adorn the area, making for unforgettable backdrops for your special day.

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New Orleans Small Wedding Venues

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