10 Reasons Why Eloping is the New Normal

3 min read Jan 27, 2022

The New Normal after a worldwide pandemic may surprise us with changes for the better. Who knew elopements and small weddings would become the new authentic reality for engaged couples? After experiencing the romance and meaningful commitment of eloping, newlyweds are not looking back. And they are spreading the word! The question is no longer ‘why do people elope’ but why people should elope!

So here are 10 reasons why Eloping is the New Normal and why we love it!

1. Why elope? The first reason that comes to mind these days is that you don’t have to wait or check the latest pandemic guidelines. The two of you can simply dream, book online, and be off to your elopement adventure. Voila! Give the proverbial bird to this never-ending worldwide pandemic and live your best life.

Let’s plan your stress-free elopement. Start today!

2. No-fuss No-muss. Remove the traditional pressures of wedding planning and enjoy your elopement without the stress. You are exchanging vows with your forever person, and it should be all about that—nothing else.

Rasheedah & John by Nikki Neumann

3. Skip all the drama. Remember the old days where you had nightmares about your seating charts and how mad your Aunt (on your second cousin’s side) was that she didn’t receive an invite? All gone. And a pandemic is such an epic excuse!

Genevieve & Glenn by Ashley Dye

4. Money, Money, Money. Let’s not pretend that saving what amounts to a downpayment on a house isn’t a big part of why eloping is wonderful. And you don’t miss a thing by eloping. You have more romance and love than you ever would at a traditional wedding.

Tori & Carlos by Alisha Light

5. Let’s talk about meaningful and intimate. You can look into your partner’s eyes and vow to each other without hundreds of people watching. It’s authentic and darn romantic! We defy anyone not to have big feelings!

Jadie & Zack by Erik Hill

6. Do you know what else is pretty spectacular? Your elopement photography. No more rushing around for family portraits or trying to squish all your photos in between your ceremony and reception. And all that love shines through in your photo session. Plus, you know, epic backdrop scenery!

Kara & Roman by McKenzie Bigliazzi

7. You can elope wherever your heart takes you! Mountains, lakes, waterfalls, rivers, meadows, beaches, urban cities, historical castles – you dream it, and you will find it! And honeyloping is a real thing. You can elope and honeymoon at the same wonderful place and save a bunch of money. And it’s sentimental!

Jadie & Zack by Erik Hill

8. Focus on yourselves. It’s the one day of your life where it’s supposed to be all about you! The two of you are creating a future filled with love and hope. So make it a day to remember for the rest of your lives.

Alexandra & Joseph by Cappy Phalen Photography

9. It’s eco-friendly. Big shock – those traditional weddings are pretty bad for the environment. It’s a feel-good fact that your elopement will wreak a lot less havoc on the earth!

Genevieve & Glenn by Ashley Dye

10. Are you crossing cultures or religions to wed? You can let go of all those difficult decisions that would have to happen with a traditional wedding. Skipping complicated family drama sounds good, doesn’t it! And there is no reason why you can’t honor your culture and religion when you elope. Look for ways to embrace traditions from each family as you exchange your vows – just don’t stress over it!

Aimee & Jeremy

We are sure you will find your reasons why eloping is the perfect way to tie the knot! The new normal is looking a lot like a new way of committing. The future of weddings is looking bright with promises of flexibility, authentic and romantic ceremonies, and a reflecting the couple’s relationship. Everyone will end up in love with what the new normal will bring!

Andrea & Justin by Andrea Salazar
Written by Janessa White

Janessa White is the co-founder of Simply Eloped and has helped thousands of couples plan elopements. As an expert in the field, she has been featured on Martha Stewart, Brides.com, Vox, and HuffPost. Janessa thinks elopements are the ultimate way to tie the knot.