A Gorgeous Lake Tahoe Elopement for Elizabeth & Christopher

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4 min read Jul 15, 2021

Elizabeth and Christoper had already planned a large, traditional wedding several times due to Covid-19 when they decided to stop the crazy! They turned to Simply Eloped to design a stunning elopement around their vision of how a wedding day should look. They chose to have still a wedding party as well as a walk down the aisle for Elizabeth. The ladies looked lovely in stylish coats over their dresses, and every detail was perfect, right down to the inscriptions inside the rings. Elizabeth & Christopher made something beautiful happen despite all the obstacles! Enjoy seeing the amazing Lake Tahoe views that were the backdrop for this elopement and how planning was a breeze with Simply Eloped.

Where did you choose to elope, and why did you choose that destination?

Elizabeth: Lake Tahoe at Logan Shoals Vista Point. We chose this venue because it has a beautiful view of Lake Tahoe and we love the mountains. It was within a two-hour drive from our home and made for an easy elopement trip.

What attracted you to the venue you chose for your elopement? What were your favorite parts about eloping there? 

Elizabeth: The trees and scenery were beautiful, and the spot was available in the afternoon, which allows for better photo opportunities. It also had easy access as my mother joined us for the ceremony, and she has mobility issues. We wanted a venue in nature but not something that would be a long hike. 

How would you describe your elopement venue to someone who has never been there?

Elizabeth: It was very easy to find using online directions (Google Maps), and the extra directions provided by Simply Eloped were very helpful. We were able to stay at a vacation rental in South Lake Tahoe and only had to drive 20 minutes to the venue. There was a sign, and it was very easy to find and park right off the highway. 

What did you do before the wedding? How did you get ready? How did you feel in the moments leading up to your elopement?

Elizabeth: We drove up the evening before and settled into our vacation house. We had a nice dinner with my parents, sister, and brother-in-law. The six of us enjoyed the house, had breakfast the next morning, and relaxed until we all got ready early in the afternoon. It was wonderful as Simply Eloped arranged for our flowers to be delivered and for the makeup artist to come to the house. I felt less stress on the ‘day of’ than I had previously anticipated. It went so smoothly.

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How was your experience with Simply Eloped?

Elizabeth: We had a wonderful experience with Simply Eloped and, honestly, cannot think of anything that could have handled our wedding better. I greatly appreciated the ample communication during the months and weeks leading up to our ceremony. I focused on the two of us getting our outfits and ourselves ready for our wedding day. All of the vendors we had assigned to us were wonderful and communicated openly with us about all the details. They made sure that everyone was clear about the ceremony specifics. We had already made deposits in 2020 for our March 2021 wedding as we were expecting Covid to be over by then. In January 2021, when things were not coming together, we had to make the decision to postpone our wedding to March 2022. I love how Covid-19, and the times, are changing what elopement means and what is possible with an elopement. We had only four months until our wedding day, so I don’t know what we would have done if we had not found Simply Eloped. As the main wedding planner and bride, I was already exhausted from planning our large wedding and going through Covid-19 transitions. I also work, go to school, and care for my other half. Simply Eloped made the entire experience seamless and stress-free.

How did you choose to celebrate your elopement?

Elizabeth: After our ceremony, we went back to the house and cut our wedding cake. We ordered take-out from an amazing restaurant in the area. Chris and I arrived at the house to find that our family had dinner plated and the table beautifully decorated. We cut the cake, took a few pictures, and then everyone changed into comfy clothes and had dinner together. We all toasted to the day and the occasion! The next day, our family left so we could enjoy having the house all to ourselves. Our ceremony date was March 20th, which was special to us as my birthday is March 17th and Chris’s birthday is March 22nd. So we celebrated our birthdays by going snowmobiling and to the casinos! The morning we left, it was lightly snowing, and this made for more beautiful memories. 

What words of encouragement do you have for those considering eloping?

Elizabeth: Don’t worry about anyone else’s expectations or any previous ideas you have had about what weddings are supposed to be. Your imagination is the limit. It’s the two of you and your day, so make it everything you want it to be and don’t look back. Also, put the time into your relationship before your elopement and get to know your partner. There are many great date night books that have questions to talk to your future spouse about that deal with all the important parts of life. We did several sessions of pre-marital counseling that anyone can do, whether they are religious or not, and it helps. The fairy tales and movies are not real. Marriage takes work, but all of that work is so worth it to experience a lifelong love. A selfless, unconditional love that only the two of you hold for each other. 


Officiation by: Karen Linsley
Photography by: Nicole Moore
Hair & Makeup by: Emily Van Scoy
Flowers by: Rose Petals
Planning by: Simply Eloped
Venue: Logan Shoals Vista Point, Lake Tahoe

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Written by Janessa White

Janessa White is the co-founder of Simply Eloped and has helped thousands of couples plan elopements. As an expert in the field, she has been featured on Martha Stewart, Brides.com, Vox, and HuffPost. Janessa thinks elopements are the ultimate way to tie the knot.