Amber & Marcus’s Unique Elopement at Sprague Lake in Colorado

Amber & Marcus’s Unique Elopement at Sprague Lake in Colorado

Amber & Marcus’s Unique Elopement at Sprague Lake in Colorado
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Amber & Marcus knew from the beginning they were looking to have a quiet, intimate elopement. They were so happy to find Sprague Lake in Colorado – a serene and idyllic spot surrounded by majestic mountains and scenery. The self solemnizing laws were the icing on the cake as they had Marcus’ nine-year-old son as their ‘officiant’ Amber put on her beautiful dress, and, together, they all walked to the ceremony deck out over the lake. Afterward, the three celebrated with a fancy dinner and wedding cake and even had a ‘first dance’ back at the Airbnb. Read more to find out how Marcus proposed and why they chose Simply Eloped for their special day. Hint: it has to do with our great work in the past!

How did you meet? What was your first impression of one another?

Amber: We met through work and then became friends. When I met him at work the first time, I thought he was really full of himself! 

Marcus: I thought she was so different in the way she analyzed things, and I liked how she didn’t judge people at face value.

How did you propose or accept the proposal?

Marcus: It was on Christmas and I took her to a park where we had one of our first dates. I was able to convince her to go to the park on Christmas by telling her i knew where i could see some otters (she loves animals, especially otters).

Amber: Of course, I said yes! I knew something was up, but I truly did not think he would propose. I was totally surprised! 

Where did you choose to elope, and why did you choose that destination? 

Amber: This would be a second marriage, so we knew we did not want a big wedding. Eloping felt so right for us because we are truly introverted people. We wanted our ceremony to be private so that we could focus on each other. I have an acquaintance who used Simply Eloped, so I was looking into the destinations offered and found Colorado so beautiful! I also read that in Colorado, self solemnizing is legal. So we decided that it would be really meaningful for Marcus’s nine year old son Landon to perform the ceremony. 

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What attracted you to the venue you chose for your elopement? What were your favorite parts about eloping there? 

Amber: My favorite part of eloping at Sprague Lake was how tranquil it was.

Marcus: My favorite part was the scenery and also how peaceful it was. 

How would you describe your elopement venue to someone who has never been there? 

Amber: Sprague Lake in the summer time really has everything – mountains, the lake, the forest and the scenery is just breath taking. The trail around the lake is about 3/4 mile and is easy to walk, even with a big dress! There was a river and a wooded area close by, perfect for photos.

Marcus: It was something you would see in a movie, just beautiful. The atmosphere helps make everything calmer and stress-free. It’s difficult to describe. 


What did you do before the wedding? How did you get ready? How did you feel in the moments leading up to your elopement? 

Amber: I got my nails done and got a massage that morning that Marcus had gifted me (totally recommend, i was very relaxed afterward). I had hired a hair stylist to do my hair, did my own makeup and got my dress on! I felt anxious leading up to the elopement, but I was so excited to marry my best friend. 

Marcus: My son Landon and I played mini-golf and took pictures of elk we saw in Estes Park. We had lunch and got ready. I was just so excited to marry her. I couldn’t wait to hear her vows to me and her vows to Landon.

How was your experience with Simply Eloped?

Amber & Marcus: We had a great experience with Simply Eloped. Every step was super easy, and everyone was so helpful whenever we had questions or concerns. We recommend them every chance that we get! 


How did you choose to celebrate your elopement?

Amber & Marcus: After we eloped, the three of us had dinner at The Stanley Hotel in Estes Park. We also had champagne and a small wedding cake that we got from a local baker. We had our first dance as a married couple back at our Airbnb. It may sound simple, but our hearts were so full.

What words of encouragement do you have for those considering eloping? 

Amber & Marcus: Do it!! We kept our elopement a secret until a few days before we left for Colorado. We told our parents and our siblings because we thought it was the right thing to do. They were happy for us and understood our decision. Ultimately, it is your day, so you should do what is best for you two!

Photography by: Alisha Light
Planning by: Simply Eloped
Venue: Rocky Mountain National Park, Sprague Lake, Colorado

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Last updated Feb 12,2024

Janessa White is the co-founder of Simply Eloped and has helped thousands of couples plan elopements. As an expert in the field, she has been featured on Martha Stewart,, Vox, and HuffPost. Janessa thinks elopements are the ultimate way to tie the knot.
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