Elopement Announcements: 5 Ways to Say “We Eloped!”

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4 min read Oct 15, 2019

Physical postcards sent to your inner circle from your paradise place give your loved ones a physical keepsake

You’ve made the exciting decision to elope — Congrats! Eloping is one of the best ways to have an intimate, budget friendly, and super memorable wedding day. But with the nature of the ceremony, it can be easy for friends and family to feel left out. The way you approach your elopement announcement can go a long way to ensure that your loved ones feel connected to you during this special time. Here are five ways to nail your elopement announcement!

The Pre-Ceremony Snail Mail Heads Up

One way to share the happy news is to send an elopement announcement right before you get married. This allows you to keep all your people in the loop, without feeling the pressure of choosing who to invite as guests. 

In your elopement announcement, detail your wedding date, location, and how long you will be gone for. This can look something like: “We will be getting married on the 6th of June at Yellowstone National Park. Thank you for your well wishes, and we will be thinking of you on our day.” Simple, sweet, and inclusive. You can expect to make some phone calls and read through congratulations cards when you get home.

The Elopement Alert Announcement

Consider combining the elopement announcement with an invite to an after-party! While your loved ones won’t be there to witness the ceremony, they can still be there to celebrate you and your partner!

While planning your elopement, consider how to include a time to gather with friends and family that truly want to celebrate with you. This can look like a more traditional reception, or even a more laid-back gathering. But the chance to celebrate with those closest to you will be just one more unforgettable part of your wedding.

Before you head out to tie the knot, send an invite or save the date. This can be as formal as addressed envelopes, or as casual as a group text. Include ceremony details in your announcement, and how you plan to celebrate with friends and family after. It’s like sending your people a party invite and the ultimate life update all in one!

The Entourage-Only Announcement

If you’re planning to include those closest to you in your ceremony, you’ll need to send them a note with some details for the big day. Make sure your elopement announcement/invite includes date, time, location, recommended attire, lodging information, and any post-ceremony celebration details.

If you’re planning a remote ceremony, like on a mountain or secluded beach, be sure to include specific details about where and how to get there. Consider sending an electronic invite with a pin dropped on the exact location. Don’t forget to be very specific about what it will take to reach the location, too. Are your guests hiking to the ceremony? Is cell reception spotty in certain areas? Location details are crucial, and will have a big influence on clothing choice, transportation, and lodging.

Whether you choose to send a traditional invite, an email, or a handwritten letter, having the wedding details in writing makes things much easier for your guests. We have found that creating a private Facebook group or event can work really well for inviting guests. It lets you put a ton of detail in one, convenient place, and gives your guests a direct line of communication to you, and to each other. 

Let’s plan your stress-free elopement. Start today!

The Social Media Surprise Announcement


This is the mic drop of elopement announcements. Assuming you hired a photographer and have some amazing photos to share, post those gorgeous pics to spread the news that you’re newlyweds! Pro tip: Be sure to write the basic details of when, where, and how amazing your wedding was in the post. (It will save you 500 comments asking for the same info.)

The ”Wish you were here!” Honeymoon Announcement

After you’ve tied the knot and are basking in your post-marital bliss, a good way to tell your loved ones, “Hey, we’re married!” is a postcard from your honeymoon. This option is like the social media mic drop, but a little more personal. Physical postcards sent to your inner circle from your paradise place give your loved ones a physical keepsake, and thus a connection to your day. You can have custom cards made with a wedding photo and a message, or you can go to any souvenir shop and pick up some local prints and hand write!

No matter how you decide to elope, your friends and family want to be there with you, either physically, or in spirit. These five announcement ideas are inclusive, easy, and keep what’s important at the forefrontyour love!

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Written by Tori Ward

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