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3 min read Sep 27, 2019

Happiness is contagious, so don’t be afraid to celebrate your choice

In the past, eloping had a reputation for being a quick way to get married. Although elopement is typically expedited compared to a traditional wedding-planning process, it isn’t as simple as Hollywood (or Vegas, in this case) might have you believe. We’ll be providing some myth-busting elopement advice on the dos and don’ts of your big day.

DO: Plan ahead

There are a lot of tips for eloping but planning ahead is the most crucial. At its most basic form, marriage requires three things: a couple, a marriage license, and someone who can legally marry you. Our guess is you’ve got the first one down! But receiving your license can’t necessarily be manifested in an instant, so be prepared! You must find out your state’s guidelines for getting a marriage license ahead of time so you can have it on hand. An officiant can be easily sourced (it’s part of what we do here, after all). Still, you can also consider having a close friend or family member become ordained to officiate your ceremony if you want to make your day even more personal. Whether you choose an elopement package with all the bells and whistles or decide to simplify, make sure you have everything you need to ensure your day is exactly as you envision.

DON’T: Think you have to settle

When it comes to choosing an untraditional ceremony, realizing your favorite eloping tips will help you be your own champion! Never lose the celebration of your love, no matter how big or small it is. Whether eloping is your fantasy or your current reality, there are so many small things you can do to make it even more magical. Courthouses are only one option out of hundreds, so if it’s not your style, don’t settle (and if it is, go for it! We recommend still having a photographer there to capture those special moments).

DO: Dress for Success


We encourage our brides to wear whatever makes them feel beautiful. But if your elopement is happening in the desert in August, maybe that fur shawl can stay at home. A big part of the magic of eloping is feeling comfortable and confident. A great elopement advice is to check out the average weather for the month and location you’re holding your ceremony; that way, you can build your wardrobe based on the appropriate temps. Dressing for your ceremony site will ensure that you’re not worried about sweating your makeup off in the middle of your vows or shivering in spaghetti straps as you exchange rings.

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DON’T: Keep secrets (if you don’t want to)

So, you didn’t want a big wedding, and you’ve gone ahead and eloped. That’s perfectly wonderful! But what if you’re feeling unsure about how your family or friends may react to the news? It may seem challenging to provide eloping tips for such circumstances, but in reality, the answer is quite simple- don’t keep it a secret from them just because you think they’ll be disappointed. You’ve married the person you love! Happiness is contagious, so don’t be afraid to celebrate your choice. You might find that the people you love most will shower you with love and support. The great idea is to come bearing a few photos from your day so that you can show them just how incredibly perfect the day was for you and your partner. It’s hard to argue with two people who’ve got stars in their eyes!

General Elopement Tips & Advice
Written by Tori Ward

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