Kayla & Austin’s Dreamy Asheville Mountain Ceremony

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4 min read Oct 7, 2020

Sometime loves comes so naturally that when you know, you know: exactly how Kayla and Austin’s love story began. After talking for several months before actually meeting, when they finally met face-to-face, everything clicked. Fast forward to their proposal, and the couple’s initial plans of having a small and intimate wedding day. But, due to a lengthy guest count, the couple realized that they needed to have a traditional wedding to accommodate their guest list, and began their planning. Then, COVID happened, and the couple knew that it was back to square one when it came to their wedding day plans. After realizing that they still wanted to get married on their original date, the couple found their way back to that small wedding they were originally dreaming of, and on June 28, 2020, the couple married in front of close family at Something Blue Mountain Venue in Asheville. Read all about their big day – and the details leading up to it – below!

How did you meet? What was your first impression of one another?

Kayla: He messaged me on Instagram. We talked for six months before we met in person. When we finally met, it felt like we had already known each other for so long. It just felt right.

When did you first fall in love? How did you know?

Kayla:  I gave him a customized book for Christmas with the story of how we met. He cried when he read it and told me he loved me for the first time. He said that was the minute he knew I was the one.

How did you propose or accept the proposal?

Kayla: He proposed to me at our home. He thought about it for a while where the best place would be, but he realized he wanted to do it at our favorite place to be, our home. He did it in front of my parents as well.

What do you love about your partner?

Kayla: His personality. He is so sweet and unlike any guy I’ve ever met. He knows me better than anyone – he knows by the look on my face how I’m feeling. If I’m feeling anxious or down, or if I’m feeling happy. He knows exactly how to make me feel better. He is also the funniest and most talented guy I know. There is no one in the world like him. He’s one of a kind and I can’t believe he’s mine.

Austin: Her gorgeous smile. Her beautiful eyes and the way they look when she wakes up in the morning and looks at me. Her upbeat attitude, how effortlessly funny she is, how she’s always right by my side when I need her, and how she gives me no doubts in the world.

What is the greatest strength of your relationship?

Kayla: Compromise and communication. We’ve never had a big fight because if we have a disagreement, we discuss it right then and there and make a compromise that makes us both happy. We never leave the other one feeling unhappy – we make sure to resolve any conflict on the spot.

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Why did you decide to elope?

Kayla: We had looked into Simply Eloped before everything with COVID happened, but our guest list ended up getting so big that we decided to have a traditional wedding with about 100 people. But once COVID happened, we knew that wasn’t going to be possible. We knew one thing: we still wanted to get married on our original day. So we looked back into Simply Eloped and it seemed like the perfect solution. We got married with just our close family and it was perfect, just like what we wanted in the beginning.

How did you find Simply Eloped?

Through Facebook!

How did you know Simply Eloped was the right fit for you?

Kayla: Everyone was so friendly and helpful with all my questions! They offered everything we wanted – and at a great price!

What attracted you to the venue you eloped at?

Kayla: The mountains. It’s such a beautiful spot. I would recommend Something Blue Mountain Venue to anyone looking to elope.

What activities did you do before the wedding? How did you prepare? How did you feel leading up to the moments of your elopement?

Kayla: Austin went for a hike with his family the morning of the wedding while I got ready. We didn’t want to see each other until the ceremony. We even stayed the night before apart, which was one of the first nights we’ve been apart since we moved in together two years ago. He stayed at an Airbnb with his family while I got ready at our home in Bristol, VA and then drove to our hotel room we booked for that night in Asheville to put my wedding dress on and do the finishing touches. We felt so nervous, but so excited at the same time.

Tell us about your experience with Simply Eloped leading up to and on your big day!

Kayla: Perfect. They made everything so easy. I didn’t have to worry about anything. It was a stress-free wedding day.

How did you celebrate after?

Kayla: We booked a hotel room, popped a bottle of champagne, and ordered a pizza!

What words of encouragement do you have for those considering eloping?

Kayla: Do it! If you are debating, don’t! [Simply Eloped] makes it so easy, and they have the best photographers and staff! If you want a stress-free day with beautiful memories to look back on, elope with Simply Eloped.

Planning: Simply Eloped
Officiant: Rensho Elliott
Photographer: Cappy Phalen
Videographer: Madison Kay
Flowers: Merrimon Florist

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Written by Karen Norian

Karen Norian is an elopement photographer and has photographed over a hundred elopements. Karen has also worked as an elopement planner for Simply Eloped. She's been quoted in the New York Times, Brides, Hello Giggles, Bustle, Yahoo, and more.