Why Create A Wedding Registry For Elopement?

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4 min read Feb 8, 2021

Updated March 26, 2024

Here’s what we love about eloping: it breaks all of the rules. You can bend any tradition, modify any ritual and do it your way from top to bottom. But, can you have a registry if you elope? It’s a known expectation that you come bearing a gift if you attend a wedding in person. However, gifts are not expected when it comes to elopements, even if it’s a destination ceremony. Therefore, it’s up to you to set the rules! We’re huge fans of having an elopement registry for your special day, and here are our top reasons for ringing this bell.

Celebrate the Milestone of Marriage

Whether you’re eloping or hosting a big wedding, obtaining your marriage license and marking the elopement day as an official milestone is a significant act of love and commitment that your friends and family wish to be a part of. By creating an elopement registry, you’re not just offering a glimpse into the intimate aspects of your relationship. You’re also providing a meaningful way for your loved ones to express their support and share in your excitement. This gesture allows them to contribute towards something special—either an unforgettable experience or a thoughtful gift.

In today’s world, wedding traditions are constantly evolving, creating ample opportunities to customize your celebration in unique ways. We believe that starting with a gift registry is an excellent way to infuse personal touches into your elopement day, making it even more memorable for you and everyone involved.

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We are Big Fans of Experiential Registry as Wedding Gifts for Eloped couples

When one thinks of a wedding registry, it’s traditionally registering at Pottery Barn or Bed, Bath and Beyond. Over the last few decades, the idea of what a traditional wedding registry is has advanced, predominantly since millennials prioritize experiences over tangible items. To this tune, we’re huge fans of experiential registries where your friends and family can provide financial aid as a gift which you can use for your essential expenses – like paying for your elopement party, destination trip, or an epic honeymoon. We’re huge fans of services like Hitchd since you can have your friends and family contribute towards your elopement package or trip, and you can do specific items in conjunction. We love the choice to mix and match, depending on what you need to kick this new milestone of life off right.

Fun Reveal: Elopement Registry is a Great Way to Keep Your Loved Ones Up-to-Date

It may not seem intuitive, but if you sign up for a registry service, your loved ones can stay connected with you throughout this momentous journey, long after your elopement announcement. This platform updates your loved one on the progress of the gifts they gave you. For instance, when you arrive at your elopement destination, you can take a photo or video and, with one push notification, send it to all of your friends and family through the platform. For those who can’t be there on your big day, being a part of a wedding registry for elopement is a fun way to make them feel even more invested in your special day. The same goes when you’re moving in together and using that new blender they gifted you! Sending photos through the platform to show how much you appreciate their wedding gift will help them feel more connected to you.

Do it All: Elopement Registry and Post-Elopement Party

Tailoring your big day to your personal preferences can significantly reduce the stress associated with wedding planning. By prioritizing what truly matters to you and creating the ultimate guide to making your special day look exactly as you’ve dreamed, you can allow yourself to enjoy the planning process and the wedding day itself. Eloping is an incredibly romantic and personal way to say “I do,” focusing on the love between you and your partner without the extensive guest list or traditional wedding norms.

However, just because you’re eloping doesn’t mean you have to miss out on celebrating with friends and family. If you’re excited to elope and have a party, we highly support that! Plenty of couples are even eloping first and planning a big wedding celebration down the line. It’s okay to launch your registry now, hold your elopement ceremony with a few of your loved ones, and plan for a celebration down the line. A post-elopement reception is your chance to share the joy of your marriage, no matter when you choose that date to be. This approach ensures that your elopement is not just a momentary event but a cherished memory and celebration that includes all the people important to you. Make it special, make it yours, and let the love and joy of your elopement extend beyond the day itself into a shared celebration with your loved ones.

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