The Beauty of the Bloom – Our All Inclusive Elopement Package

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3 min read Dec 26, 2017

Just because the industry standard says that planning a wedding is stressful, life-consuming and leaves you with less hair than when you started, doesn’t mean it has to be that way. Simply Eloped does a stellar job embodying just want the name says; we make planning a ceremony SIMPLE! One of the potentially confusing elements of planning an elopement can be determining which services and packages are the best fit for you, which is why Simply Eloped bundles the way we do.

Our most popular of all elopement packages by far is THE BLOOM PACKAGE . This all inclusive elopement package helps you take care of a large number of coordination elements that would otherwise, well, leave you with less hair for your big day. Here’s a breakdown of everything the Bloom Package has to offer you.


The person who tells your story, prompts your vows and marries you is an extraordinarily big piece of your big day. It used to be that the aging judge or ancient parish used to be required to join you in matrimony, but thankfully the it’s a new age and you can have most anyone, of any age or sex, perform your ceremony. As long as your officiant is licensed as an officiant and registered with the state, they’re good to go. But that also means it’s more difficult to ascertain who is quality enough to perform your important union.

When you book the Bloom Package with Simply Eloped, you know you’re in the right hands. Our officiants are all hand-picked and are guaranteed to be the best of the best! Your celebrant will work with you to personalize your vows, folding in to the ceremony the story of how you met, how you fell in love and what makes your relationship special and perfect. We also help you craft the ceremonial elements that fit your vision of how the day will go.

Lastly, we advise you on how to obtain your marriage license and extended guide (when needed). Once you book with us, we’ll send you instructions on everything you need in this category!


The next most important person to hire for your ceremony is the one behind the lens. An outstanding photographer will not just capture the event of your big day; they’ll capture the essence of it. Our team of photographers are both expertly trained photographers and just super amazing humans. With your Bloom Package, you’ll be receiving one hour of photography which renders 75 or more images from your big day, all edited and lovely. This will be delivered via digital transfer 15 days or less. If you desire to add on more photography time, just let us know!


You’ve been posting to your Pinterest Board for a few months (or longer) by now, so you likely know what you want your bouquet to look like. But again, it can be difficult to know which flower shop will create the perfect arrangement for you. We’ve got you covered! Our florist is quality and never disappoints. Our Bloom Package includes a bouquet, boutonniere and delivery to your hotel (if you are staying in the Manhattan area).

Obviously, your bouquet can widely range in terms of flowers, arrangement and presentation. Therefore, we thought we would offer a guide on types of bouquets that are included in the Bloom Package. If you’re wanting a different style of flower or a larger arrangement, there will be a slight up-charge on your flower order:

We always welcome images and other methods of inspiration to help you lock down the perfect flower arrangement!


Depending on which market your ceremony is taking place will dictate the type of permit we cover. All covered permits listed below:

NYC – Central Park Permit

NOLA – photo permit in City Park

Colorado – Either Cheesman Park or Rocky Mountain National Park

Hawai’i – Beach permit

What Else?

We are always happy to customize or personalize your package, so if you’re not seeing the right fit for you, it’s possible we can shake things up! We also offer videography, hair and makeup, personal driver (in some markets), and additional photography. Just ask us, as we’re here to help.

Interested in this all inclusive elopement package? Hit us up!

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Written by Janessa White

Janessa White is the co-founder of Simply Eloped and has helped thousands of couples plan elopements. As an expert in the field, she has been featured on Martha Stewart,, Vox, and HuffPost. Janessa thinks elopements are the ultimate way to tie the knot.