Lake Tahoe Small Wedding Venues

Lake Tahoe Small Wedding Venues

Lake Tahoe, renowned for its stunning natural beauty, is a perfect destination for couples looking for intimate and picturesque settings to exchange their vows. Among the many places to elope in Tahoe, each venue offers a unique and romantic atmosphere, making your special day truly unforgettable.

Emerald Bay State Park Lookout stands out with its breathtaking turquoise bay, surrounded by majestic mountain peaks. This spot offers a stunning backdrop that enhances the romantic essence of your ceremony.

For a more secluded setting, consider Tahoe Paradise Park, nestled just south of the lake. Surrounded by ancient cedars, this venue provides a serene environment perfect for a small, intimate gathering.

The historic Sugar Pine Point State Park Pier and the tranquil D.L. Bliss State Park Beach are ideal for those who dream of a lakeside ceremony. These places to elope in Lake Tahoe offer spectacular views and a peaceful ambiance, perfect for your elopement.

Logan Shoals Vista Point, known for its enchanting sunset ceremonies, offers a magical setting where the sun’s farewell embrace of the lake becomes a part of your love story.

Lastly, the Revive Coffee and Wine venue in South Lake Tahoe presents an elegant blend of nature and sophistication, with its towering trees and landscaped grounds creating a charming setting for your nuptials.

Each of these Lake Tahoe small wedding venues tells a unique story, offering a diverse range of options for your elopement. Whether you’re drawn to the allure of a beachside setting, the tranquility of a secluded park, or the elegance of a refined venue, Lake Tahoe is ready to make your dream day a reality.

All Lake Tahoe Small Wedding Venues
Emerald Bay State Park Lookout, a Lake Tahoe small wedding venue

Emerald Bay State Park Lookout

Emerald Bay weddings have become popular as this Lake Tahoe gem is the perfect place for photography! Emerald Bay elopement sounds tempting when you imagine a green-blue turquoise bay encircled by glistening mountain peaks.

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Sugar Pine Point State Park Pier, a Lake Tahoe small wedding venue

Sugar Pine Point State Park Pier

Come enjoy spectacular views from the pier on the lake! You can see the Hellman-Ehrman Mansion, a historic summer retreat, just up the hill. The national and state landmark is a beautiful backdrop for your ceremony. Sunrises on the western shore are especially spectacular too. The pier is available from June through September. Event and permit fees apply.

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Tahoe Paradise Park, a Lake Tahoe small wedding venue

Tahoe Paradise Park

A wonderfully secluded spot just south of the lake, the Tahoe Paradise Park wedding venue is a relaxing respite among the trees. Have an intimate Tahoe Paradise Park wedding under the 1,000-year-old cedar tree!

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Regan Beach West, a Lake Tahoe small wedding venue

Regan Beach West

Regan Beach West boasts one of the most convenient, breathtaking locations!

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Logan Shoals Vista Point, a Lake Tahoe small wedding venue

Logan Shoals Vista Point

The Logan Shoals Vista Point wedding location is exceptional for sunset ceremonies at a private rock enclave that is just off the accessible path. Host your Logan Shoals wedding surrounded by mountains overlooking the lake.

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Revive Coffee & Wine, a Lake Tahoe small wedding venue

Revive Coffee & Wine

Revive Coffee and Wine wedding venue offers a serene South Lake Tahoe spot with towering trees and landscaped grounds. Your Revive Coffee and Wine wedding can be everything you ever imagined! Venue rental fee applies.

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D.L. Bliss State Park Beach, a Lake Tahoe small wedding venue

D.L. Bliss State Park Beach

D.L. Bliss State Park Beach – During the warmer months, head to the beach at D.L. Bliss State Park after 6 pm for a relaxing evening ceremony. The picturesque Lake Tahoe is a perfect backdrop for enjoying the mountains.

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Sand Harbor State Beach, a Lake Tahoe small wedding venue

Sand Harbor State Beach

Sand Harbor offers a beautiful balance of a covered Ramada space in case of weather, forested area and sandy beach for stunning pictures. With the reservation of the Ramada you get sole use of the covered space and then the beach area is first come first serve. On top of the reservation fee you will have to pay an entrance fee to park; $10.00 ($15.00 for Non-NV Vehicles).

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Lake Tahoe Small Wedding Venues

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