Las Vegas Elopement Packages

Eloping in Vegas no longer means simply marrying on the iconic glitzy strip. Adventure outside Sin City to the unique natural landscape of Las Vegas and discover mountains with ancient bristlecone pines, Aztec red rock formations, and natural springs. Our Las Vegas elopement packages are anything but ordinary, so come and experience the real desert wonders for your Las Vegas elopement!

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Red Springs, Red Rock Canyon

Red Springs is an oasis of green against a backdrop of red and tan sandstone cliffs. The area is fed year-round by three springs to support large cottonwood trees, ash trees, scrub live oak, honey mesquite, and saltgrass meadows. The Red Spring Boardwalk trail is fully accessible. The marshy grassland attracts a variety of wildlife. Permit fee applies.

Nelson Ghost Town

Nelson Ghost Town, five miles from the Colorado River, provides a true desert backdrop for your ceremony. The old mining town has ranch houses, parts of a Texaco gas station, and the weather-worn wooden buildings and machinery. Once a wealth of gold, silver, lead, and copper, the town was mostly occupied by Civil War deserters. Come for history and fun out in the desert! Venue rental and travel fees apply.

The Retreat on Charleston Peak

High above the city in the mountains sits a small hotel with a beautiful outdoor terrace. The Retreat on Charleston Peak provides chairs and guest rooms to get ready in before your special day. Great option any time of year, but especially in the summer to escape the heat! Venue rental and travel fees apply.

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