Places to Elope In Savannah

There’s no shortage of lovely places to elope in Savannah. Scroll down to read about some of our favorites!

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<p>Credit: Lacie Wiggins</p>

Chippewa Square

Located in the heart of it all, Chippewa Square is a staple of Savannah. Forrest Gump famously waited for the bus here and some of the city’s most well known attractions are just steps from the square, including the Savannah Theatre and Bull Street. Brick paths wind through the property from the square’s center, where a beautiful statue of General James Oglethorpe stands.

<p>Credit: Karen Norian</p>

Pulaski Square

One of the city’s newer squares, Pulaski Square is where old town charm meets urban forest. Tall, mossy trees tower above wide brick paths bordered by ivy and greenery. The square is a gorgeous ceremony setting close to many of the main attractions in the historic district.

<p>Credit: Karen Norian</p>

Forsyth Park

This breathtaking park occupies 30 acres in the center of Savannah. One of the most iconic attractions of Savannah is the large fountain at the north end of the park, which has been standing since 1858. The path leading to the fountain is lined with giant oak trees, naturally decorated with Spanish moss. The park is bursting with southern charm and elegant romance.

<p>Credit: Vince Laconte</p>

Troup Square

Troup Square is one of the smaller squares in Savannah and is home to some of the most interesting art in all of the city’s squares. The Armillary Sphere monument, a replica of an armillary sphere held up by six tortoises, stands in the center of a circular brick platform. It’s a quiet square with plenty of pretty places to exchange vows and take photos.

<p>Credit: Christine Rondeau</p>

Tybee Island

Tybee Island is located 20 minutes from downtown Savannah is Georgia’s beach wedding destination. Tybee Island is rich with romantic coastal charm. Savannah Beach is a gorgeous ceremony site thanks to clean, sandy beaches that stretch along the island’s eastern shore.

Chande Pines

Just outside of Savannah sits a beautiful 50-acre pine grove known as Chande Pines. Country vibes, a lush forest, and quiet paths await for your ceremony. There’s a grassy meadow with a water front view and a unique pole barn filled with chandeliers and dark wood elements. Venue rental and travel fees apply.

Red Gate Farms

Just 6 miles from downtown Savannah, Red Gate Farms offers an historic property complete with 300-year-old oak trees, lush paddocks, and a glistening pond.
Venue rental fees apply.

The Mackey House

The Mackey House is a Colonial mansion that sits on 440 acres of gorgeous property. Have your ceremony in a lush garden, on the gorgeous deck, or in their open-air pavilion.
Venue rental fee applies.

Garden at The Beach Institute

The Beach Institute garden offers a wonderful elopement venue outside an historic space. The Beach Institute is Savannah’s first school built after Emancipation specifically for African Americans.
Venue rental fee applies.

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