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The Power of the Microwedding


According to The Knot , the average cost of a wedding in the United States in 2016 was $35,329. That could easily translate into a down payment for a house, 4 years of community college for a bachelor's degree or a year living frugally surfing and eating fresh fish in Costa Rica. Increasingly, millennials are rejecting the notion of spending such a large amount for one day in service of something smaller, more intimate and experience-based.

Please cue - the microwedding; a paired-down version of the traditional wedding. The beauty of the microwedding is that it can fit whatever mold suits your ideal ceremony best. Want to hike to the top of a mountain and confess your love to the vast valley below? Do it! Want to hop over to NYC and have a ceremony at one of the popular spots you saw in Sex and the City? Done!



A mirocwedding is defined as anything that is 50 people or less. Anything above that and it begins to feel a little more like a medium-sized wedding. Because of the low attendance, a microwedding really can be held almost anywhere - lakeside, mountainside, desert, forest, beach, etc.

But it’s not just the fun locations that are drawing folks to the microwedding. It’s also the flexibility to create a personalized and more intimate ceremony. When you hire vendors for a large wedding, you’re usually at the whim of their style or routine. With a microwedding or elopement, the vendors have the freedom to get to know you and your honey better and create whatever style of ceremony/photos/video works best for you. This is in part because there aren’t any venue rules or large audiences to consider - they themselves have the freedom to be creative in the way you prompt them to be!



Another perk to holding a microwedding is the ease of planning! For a large wedding, there is an amazing amount of coordination and time that goes into researching, choosing and paying vendors separately. Not to mention the work that goes into coordinating guests and the reception afterwards! This is one of the top reasons (beyond investment) we see couples going for the smaller jam: they start the planning process and realize it’s just not for them!

The large discrepancy in cost, planning and flexibility compared to a large wedding is pushing droves of couples to the microwedding. We love it!


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