Elopement Dresses: 5 Styles for the Modern Bride

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3 min read Sep 25, 2019

The most important thing is that you feel beautiful and your focus is on what really matters — your love for your partner. 

By taking a peek at our Instagram, it’s clear that our brides are not conventional. Though there is a place for a classic white gown in elopements, there’s also room to showcase your style in a way that is as unique as you are. We’ve had brides show up to their mountain elopement in a midnight blue gown and fur shawl; we’ve seen couples rocking Converse or hiking boots instead of satin pumps and loafers. There are plenty of elopement wedding dresses out there that will ramp up your wedding style, as well as accessories to enhance your look. And, if you need a little guidance, look no further! We’ve got plenty of inspiration for you. 

The Little White Dress

Elopement brides may not be conventional, but that doesn’t mean we don’t appreciate a little tradition. The little white dress is the bridal gown’s cute step-sister. It’s casual and sweet, and highlights the simplicity of the occasion. The little white dress is great for park-setting elopements followed by casual dinner and dancing to celebrate. You can’t go wrong in this little number!

The Not-So-White Dress

Who says an elopement dress needs to be ivory, cream, or off-white? If white is simply not your style,  don’t feel the need to follow tradition solely for tradition’s sake. But you don’t have to go out and buy the first black wedding dress you see, either! There are so many options when it comes to color: Dip dyed skirts, a colored bodice, colored lace, or taffeta over a more traditional base. You can find a place where tradition meets your own style. (And if black is your thing, we say go for it. Nothing is more stunning than a bride with confidence.)

The Two-Piece Dress

Cropped clothing has been all the rage the last few years, and the crop top has made its way into the wedding world. And rightfully so: they’re a great way to mix and match. Pair a lace top with a silk skirt, dress up a crochet top with a ball gown skirt — you name it, chances are there’s a way to rock it. Easy to put on, and easy to quick change for a reception or after party look. A two-piece elopement dress gives you the option to customize and get creative!

The Pantsuit

Pantsuits and jumpsuits are another trendy style of 2019, and honestly? We dig it. These are a great option for comfortable-yet-chic style, and add to any unique wedding destination. Want to climb a mountain for your wedding? Trek through the woods? Run down the beach? This style is your best bet. And don’t rule out menswear in this category either!

The Dress-Plus-Accessory

Capes, shawls, and crowns, oh my! Accessories are a great way to customize your elopement dress: add a splash of color, a bit of sparkle, a mix of texture — get creative! There’s detachable shoulder pieces, trains, circlets… we’re not just talking veils anymore. 

There is so much freedom with an elopement ceremony. You can dress it up, or keep it casual, or go anywhere in between. The most important thing is that you feel beautiful and your focus is on what really matters — your love for your partner. 

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Written by Tori Ward

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