The Best Places to Elope

You’d be surprised how many of our couples began their wedding planning with long guest lists, expensive venues, elaborate dinner menus, etc. Somewhere along the line it can become overwhelming and it may begin to feel more like a punishment rather than a celebration. These couples come to us to simplify. Hey, it’s in our name! We have simplified and streamlined a process for getting you and your honey hitched! Our team is amazing, our package prices are totally affordable and our locations are adventurous, romantic, and cost-effective. Having now performed hundreds of ceremonies with couples from all over the world, here are some of the best places to elope, in our opinion. 


If you have decided to elope, you must have an adventurous side to you, whether you are an avid skydiver, backcountry skier, a try anything once kind of person or the adventurous side is just a small part of you that is dying to reveal itself, hop on an ATV and say “I do” at our favorite Hawaii Big Island location: Waipio Valley.


Waipio Valley is said to have been the area where some of Hawaii’s ancient Kings resided. Nowadays, it’s covered in a lush Nioi tree forests and taro farms. Follow the train  to the ocean where you will find black sand beaches and a view that will be sure to take your breath your away.

For couples interested in far less tropical, but equally stunning mountainous location, we suggest Colorado’s Rocky Mountain National Park. It’s a bit of a drive from Denver, but well worth it. With amazing view of the mountains, all of the elopements we’ve done their have been unforgettable.




City Park in New Orleans is a 1300-acre oasis full of centuries old oak trees, a fragrant rose garden, lakes, a stunning greenhouse, sculptures and so much more. The park’s Langles Bridge makes for an amazing backdrop for you and your honey to exchange vows. Follow up the ceremony with a photo session and a stroll through the greenhouse. Nature lover’s and green thumbs alike will feel right at home in this romantic location.



For some couples, nothing says romance like the charm of New York City, a place packed with memorable and beautiful spots for an elopement. One of our favorites is A Treehouse for Dreaming. Tucked away in Central Park, this gem of an elopement spot is relatively secluded and features a lovely wooden gazebo:




There are many locations we advertise that are virtually free so it’s hard to choose just one that won’t break the bank. In the Spring, in the wild rolling foothills that surround Boise, Idaho, the Arrowleaf Balsamroot wildflowers are in full bloom and it’s absolutely stunning. These yellow relatives of the Sunflower will make for a gorgeous backdrop. Hike, walk, mountain bike or drive your way to your ceremony location and say I do just as the high-desert sun is setting and don’t spend a penny doing it, this location is free.


And there you have it – that’s our take on the best places to elope!

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