Jackie & Kylie’s Intimate Springtime Sprague Lake Elopement

Jackie & Kylie’s Intimate Springtime Sprague Lake Elopement

Jackie & Kylie’s Intimate Springtime Sprague Lake Elopement
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If you’ve ever been to the Rocky Mountains, then you know that the views there are nothing short of spectacular. So when Jackie proposed to Kylie, they searched for a location as unique and beautiful as their love and found themselves choosing to say “I do” in Rocky Mountain National Park’s Sprague Lake on June 22, 2020. After renting a cabin nearby with a few close friends leading up to their wedding date, the couple celebrated their day focusing solely on them, making sure there was no stress and only excitement, adventure, and love. Read all about their love story and their elopement experience below!

How did you meet? What was your first impression of one another?

We first met at work and at first I didn’t even look at Kylie! We were both in relationships and that’s just not what I do. But we both ended up single and things ignited almost instantly and we never looked back!

When did you first fall in love? How did you know?

It was after we talked constantly for a while and it just felt right. Neither of us wanted to be apart from the other. We were together all the time and just knew it was meant to be.

How did you propose or accept the proposal?

I proposed to Kylie in Colorado. The initial plan was to do it at the top of Pike’s Peak, but Kylie was so scared up there and wanted to leave as quickly as possible. She ultimately ruined my beautiful plan and I’ll never let her live it down! Later that day, we went to a spa and were sitting in a cute little mineral tub outside and at that point I awkwardly popped the question – it was the most awkward situation ever but the smile on her face was all worth it!

What do you love about your partner?

Well, that list can be really long, but it comes down to her being perfect for me. We are such opposites on the right things that we balance each other out perfectly. I could not imagine someone loving me more perfectly. She is by no means perfect, but for me, she is pretty close to it.

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What is the greatest strength of your relationship?

The life we have for each other and our daughter, and always having in mind what’s best for the future of our family.

Why did you decide to elope?

It was so much easier! I am not one who ever wants to be the center of attention. I think our little ceremony was perfect – we were able to enjoy the moment instead of worrying about our guests and trying to make things perfect for them.

How did you find Simply Eloped?


How did you know Simply Eloped was the right fit for you?

Honestly, Kylie is the planner and she decided on everything. When having a destination elopement, it was so much easier to have someone else do the work for us. It took the load off of us so we could enjoy life!

What attracted you to the venue you eloped at?

Its beauty and uniqueness.

What activities did you do before the wedding? How did you prepare? How did you feel leading up to the moments of your elopement?

We rented a cabin by a river with a few of our close friends! It was a time to enjoy as a couple and do some adventuring before our big day, instead of stressing to get decorations and everything perfect. I wouldn’t have changed a single thing!

Tell us about your experience with Simply Eloped leading up to and on your big day!

Everything was great! We were constantly updated of what was happening and what to expect next.

How did you celebrate after?

We stayed in Colorado for a week, which was prefect! In the future, we have a reception planned back home to celebrate with friends and family.

What words of encouragement do you have for those considering eloping?

Do it! You won’t regret it!

Planning: Simply Eloped
Officiant: Brandon Baker
Photographer: Walnut Street Photography

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Karen Norian is an elopement photographer and has photographed over a hundred elopements. Karen has also worked as an elopement planner for Simply Eloped. She's been quoted in the New York Times, Brides, Hello Giggles, Bustle, Yahoo, and more.
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