Justina & Gavette’s Vibrant Audubon Park Elopement

Justina & Gavette’s Vibrant Audubon Park Elopement

Justina & Gavette’s Vibrant Audubon Park Elopement
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When it comes to love, sometimes you just know you’re meant to be with another person – and for Justina and Gavette, these words couldn’t ring truer! After meeting at work and immediately wanting to learn more about the other, these two ultimately knew that the other was “the one” – and ended up proposing to each other on the same day! The couple eloped to New Orleans’ Audubon Park on July 15, 2020, and celebrated by sight-seeing around town and taking photos at the beautiful Tree of Life. They even had a wardrobe change – and trust us, you’re going to want to see it! Scroll through Justina and Gavettes’ Audubon Park elopement photos – and their love story – below!

How did you meet? What was your first impression of one another?

We met on our first day at work back in 2018. My first impression of Gavette was that she’s the most beautiful person in the world. Gavette’s first impression of me was I was so laid back and a mystery – and she had to discover what that mystery was.

When did you first fall in love? How did you know?

Gavette knew she fell in love with me two months after we met because she felt extremely comfortable with me and we connected on a very passionate level. I knew I fell in love with Gavette because she made me change the person I was into the best version of myself that I could ever imagine.

How did you propose or accept the proposal?

I proposed to Gavette in March of 2019. She was sitting on the edge of the bed and I was sitting towards the middle. I tapped her shoulder, and in my hand was a box and a sticky note which said, “Are you going to do this forever with me?” Inside the box was a ring, and she said yes, she will do this forever with me. Gavette in return asked me to marry her that same day!

What do you love about your partner?

EVERYTHING ! The fact that we are both family oriented and I love Gavette’s children as my own. Gavette is a strong woman who always keeps positivity in my life. Gavette loves the fact that I’m always there when she needs me and motivates her when she needs it.

What is the greatest strength of your relationship?

The greatest strength in our relationship is communication. We are two very different individuals that have strong opinions, but because we are able to communicate with each other we are able to work through are problems.

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How did you find Simply Eloped? Why did you decide to elope?

One day I was looking for destination wedding locations and came across the website. We’ve always wanted something different than the norm, where it was just us.

How did you know Simply Eloped was the right fit for you?

I knew Simply Eloped was the right fit for us because they were always in contact with us every step of the way and just made us feel very comfortable.

What attracted you to the venue you eloped at? 

We love New Orleans, Louisiana just to travel to, so we decided to elope there. The city is so full of  history and such beauty.

What activities did you do before the wedding? How did you prepare? How did you feel leading up to the moments of your elopement? 

We traveled the city, tried different types of food, and talked to some locals. Gavette got her make up done the morning of by a local artist. We both felt excited and ready for this moment to happen!

Tell us about your experience with Simply Eloped leading up to and on your big day! How did you celebrate after?

Simply Eloped helped us every step of the way by getting us in contact with all the vendors involved and answered any questions we had. We had some time on Bourbon Street and made memories!

What words of encouragement do you have for those considering eloping?

Just make sure this is what the two of you want, and make sure you make it memorable!

Planning: Simply Eloped
Photographer: Natalie Wilson

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Karen Norian is an elopement photographer and has photographed over a hundred elopements. Karen has also worked as an elopement planner for Simply Eloped. She's been quoted in the New York Times, Brides, Hello Giggles, Bustle, Yahoo, and more.
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