To Elope or Not To Elope: What’s Your Wedding Style?

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3 min read Oct 22, 2019

One small tip for anyone planning to elope: plan for the weather

Whether you got engaged last week or last year, there is a time when you might ask yourself, “Should we elope?” If you’re pondering that question, you came to the right place! We have a few tips and tricks on how to elope that will answer that question — as well as a few others.

What is an elopement?

You may have a basic understanding of an elopement – a more affordable, quicker wedding option, that requires less planning, less money, and less people. But the ceremony has come to encompass so much more. To elope today means having the freedom to choose where, how, and who will be there for your I do’s. It is a less costly alternative, but that certainly doesn’t mean it’s the lesser alternative. Eloping is about prioritizing. If your priority is traveling somewhere amazing for your honeymoon, or you’re simply not a fan of elaborate plans, then eloping might be for you!

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What makes an elopement special?


An elopement is so special because, with such a small ceremony, really anything is possible! From your venue – whether it be the beaches of Maui or the mountains of Colorado – all the way to your attire and guest list. There is so much freedom when it comes to eloping that can be harder to find in more traditional ceremonies. To elope also means choosing your level of privacy: you can be totally secluded in nature, or you can declare your forever in the middle of Times Square!

How do you Elope?

So, how do you elope? In the most basic form, requires three things: A marriage license, an ordained officiant, and you! Your state’s marriage offices (or the state where you’re planning to elope) should have information about officiants, ordination of loved ones, and marriage licenses. Some states require a witness, so make sure you know the state requirements where you’re eloping so you can plan ahead. Your best bet is to call whichever office you’re planning on receiving your license at to get a complete list of everything you’ll need!

One small tip for anyone planning to elope: plan for the weather. If you don’t want to freeze, overheat, or get caught unprepared in the rain or snow, keep an eye on the forecast the week you want to elope. You can even look back on the weather patterns from years prior around your wedding date, which might give you an idea of expected temps for your big day. This doesn’t mean you can’t wear what you love if you’re anticipating some serious weather – just get creative! For winter ceremonies, get leggings and boots for under your dress, and maybe a beautiful shawl. For a rainy day, get clear umbrellas to complement your attire. With a little planning, anything is workable!

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General Elopement Tips & Advice
Written by Tori Ward

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