Colorado Elopement Packages

Eloping in Colorado, the great mountain state, is both fun and stunning! Our elopement packages in Colorado offers plenty of options to choose from, so you can elope in Colorado without the stress of planning. You can’t go wrong with choosing any Colorado elopement package — this beautiful destination will make for an extra special ceremony.

Colorado Elopement Venues
Places to elope
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Chautauqua Park, Boulder

If you’re a fan of the outdoors, one of the best backdrops near Denver are the Flatirons, which overlook the...

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Sapphire Point

Sapphire Point is a really special place with one of the best views of the state. Situated a little less...

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The Paint Mines

Are you ready for some of the most visually stunning rock formations in the United States? Located on the eastern...

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Garden of the Gods

If you’re a fan of mountains and desert, Garden of the Gods is a supreme location for your elopement. The...

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Lost Gulch

Looking for a view? Just minutes from downtown Boulder, Lost Gulch Overlook boasts amazing views of the great Indian Peaks...

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Sunrise Amphitheatre

Temporarily unavailable due to Covid19   Say “I do” on top of Flagstaff Mountain in Boulder, Colorado. You will find...

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Golden private venue

9,000 feet above sea level outside the town of Golden, is a beautiful forested property with epic mountain views. Pick...

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Mrs. Walsh's Garden

Perfect for strolling and celebrating, Mrs. Walsh’s Garden offers a central ceremony location in Estes Park. Clearly marked paths weaves...

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3m Curve

3M Curve is a high-in-demand cliffside spot overlooking Upper Beaver Meadows in Rocky Mountain National Park. This easy to access...

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Sprague Lake

Sprague Lake is one of the most beautiful lakes in Rocky Mountain National Park. Backed by epic mountains and surrounded...

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Hidden Valley

Hidden Valley is one of the best secrets of Rocky Mountain National park. With a creek running through it and...

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Upper Beaver Meadows

Upper Beaver Meadows is one of the only places in Rocky Mountain National Park that can support larger groups. This...

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Lily Lake

Lily Lake is in a part of Rocky Mountain National Park that is a little more quiet. The dockside and...

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Bear Lake

Available only during the winter months, Bear Lake is our favorite frozen lake for snowy, scenic serenades. With the grand...

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Silver Dollar Lake

Silver Dollar Lake is a stunning alpine lake in Colorado’s Arapaho National Forest. The lake is surrounded by trees and...

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Lake Isabelle

Located in the heart of the Indian Lake Wilderness, Isabelle Lake is a true Colorado alpine lake. The 6.3-mile round...

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Colorado Elopement Packages

Our packages include everything you need to have a fun and lovely Colorado elopement. If you want a small wedding in Colorado with friends and family, we’ve got you covered. Want an all-inclusive elopement package? We can hook you up! Eloping in Colorado is simple and stress-free with us. Whatever you have in mind, we’d be thrilled to help you elope in Colorado.




  • Officiation services
    Personalization of vows
  • Enactment of ceremony
    Advice on obtaining wedding license
  • Advice on ceremony locations
Starting at




  • Everything from the
  • Photography of ceremony
    Brief portrait session after
    (up to one hour of photography)
  • Digital transfer of 75+ edited images
    Delivery of Photos (15 days or less after ceremony)
Starting at




  • Everything from the
  • Nosegay bouquet & boutonniere of your choosing
    Delivery of flowers
Starting at


Oasis Package

Oasis Package

  • Everything from the
  • Two Hours Total of Photography
    Permit for Rocky Mountain National Park
  • 1 Hour of Videography
    Long-form Video of Ceremony & 1-2 Minute Highlight Reel
  • Day of Helper
    Hair & Makeup for One Person
Starting at



Wildflower Experience

Looking for something a little more exotic? Check out our adventure elopement package!

Our Wildflower Experience tailors an outdoor elopement to your sense of adventure and exploration! This package is customized to your fit your style and includes hiking to an amazing location, an intimate ceremony with officiation and couples portraits. This Experience also includes:

  • Hiking into a remote mountain location
  • Personalized ceremony
  • Up to four hours of photography
  • Tailored location, time and outfit suggestions
  • Online gallery of 175+ edited, high-res digital photos
  • Unlimited downloads and personal printing rights delivered within 5 weeks or less after ceremony

Package Price



You can optionally add any of the following services to your package:



we're happy to quote you!

More Photography

More Photography

Expect an extra week of editing for every additional hour of photography!

Hair & Makeup

Hair & Makeup


Engagement Shoot

Engagement Shoot








Day of Helper

Day of Helper





Our videography package comes with an edited 1 – 2 minute highlight reel (perfect for sharing on socials!), as well as a longform, minimally-edited film of the full ceremony.

How to Elope in Colorado

With panoramic views of mountains, lakes, and valleys at your fingertips, there is seemingly no shortage of perfect places in Colorado to get married—especially if you’re eloping. A Colorado elopement is all about the juxtaposition of true love and natural beauty. But there’s more to a Colorado elopement than simply picking an epic location (although don’t worry, we’ve got you covered on that front too). Between making your elopement legal to finding an elopement package that’s the perfect fit for your big day, this guide is your be-all and end-all for small weddings in Colorado.


What are the best places to elope in Colorado?

If you’re looking for mountain views and wildlife sightings, Rocky Mountain National Park can’t be beaten. 3M Curve is among our favorite locations in the park, complete with panoramic views, although we also love the combination of pristine waters and mountains available at Sprague, Lily, and Bear Lakes. If you’re looking for the sound of a creek, ample forest, and a bit more seclusion, Hidden Valley is one of the park’s best-kept secrets. Sapphire Point, located outside the park about an hour and a half west of Denver, also offers one of the best views in the states—hemmed in by the Gore and Tenmile mountain ranges, this venue overlooks the Dillon Reservoir.

Lost Gulch Overlook and Chautauqua Park, both in Boulder, Colorado, offer beautiful views of the foothills and surrounding mountains without the long drive or 2,500+ feet in elevation gain. Plus, Boulder is a great option if you don’t want to rent a car and are okay catching an Uber or Lyft (a direct bus runs from the city to the airport). Although both locations are popular with locals who enjoy hiking in Chautauqua or watching the sunset over the Indian Peaks Wilderness at Lost Gulch, there are plenty of spots for a more private ceremony. Sunrise Amphitheater, also in Boulder, is the ideal venue for greeting the new day and starting a new life together (unfortunately, it’s currently closed due to Covid-19).

If you’re into alien-like landscapes and unique rock formations, then the Paint Mines or Garden of the Gods might be the location for you. The Paint Mines, located on the eastern plains of Colorado, is scattered with hoodoos, sandstone-capped spires, and colored clay, the remnants of a 55 million-year-old tropical forest. Garden of the Gods, on the other hand, located in Colorado Springs, offers towering red rocks nestled in the shadow of Pike’s Peak. Both spots guarantee unbelievable photographs and as such, are very popular with tourists year-round (there are always quiet nooks to be found though).

No matter where you choose, there are some Colorado elopement locations, like the above, that are easily accessible, while others may require hiking or backpacking. If you want a custom itinerary, with multiple locations or a long hike, we recommend our Wildflower Elopement Package. 


How much does it cost to elope in Colorado?

A Colorado elopement can be incredibly affordable. Since Denver is centrally located and considered a hub for many airlines, there are always good deals on flights. If you do fly in, you will likely want to factor in renting a car since many of Colorado’s best elopement destinations require a fair bit of (often scenic) driving. If it’s winter, we recommend renting a 4WD vehicle. 

Simply Eloped’s Colorado elopement packages range from $450 for a basic ceremony (a tailored wedding script, officiant, and help with coordination) to $3,550 for our premium package (which includes hair and makeup, a day of helper, and videography, amongst other things). There are plenty of price points in between and we’re always happy to work with couples based on their vision and budget. 


How do I find the right vendors for my small Colorado wedding?

When thinking about your Colorado elopement, envision what your day looks like. Do you see yourself with a lush bouquet, a photographer capturing each perfect moment, and an officiant who delivers an authentic, intimate ceremony? Or perhaps you’ve dreamt of a bridal look done by a professional hair and makeup artist, along with a videographer who can capture every moment for your family and friends not present? The right vendors are crucial when it comes to bringing your dream to life.

If you’re looking for the top wedding contractors in the business, you’ve come to the right place! Simply Eloped only works with the best. From officiants to photographers, hair and makeup to a musician to serenade your walk down the “aisle,” we’ve done all the legwork of finding quality vendors so you don’t have to. Once you choose one of our Colorado elopement packages we’ll connect you directly with your vendors to ask questions and map out your dream ceremony.

Vendors can be a wealth of information when it comes to helping to plan your Colorado elopement. Because they are local to the area, they often can help you with details you might not have considered, especially when it comes to specific locations or even things like restaurants and lodging recommendations. Our vendors have seen it all, so there are no dumb or annoying questions.


When to Elope in Colorado

The great thing about eloping in Colorado is that it’s breathtaking during any season! June and September are the most popular when it comes to small weddings and elopements, but sunny days are possible all year (one study found that Denver averages 300 days of sunshine a year). That being said, a Colorado elopement in July, August, or September definitely allows for the most location options. The aspens typically turn golden in September while wildflowers often don’t appear in the mountains until the end of July. 

If you have your heart set on a blanket of snow, March and April tend to be the snowiest months in Colorado, although snow lingers in the mountains from October through June. Some lakes that are popular for elopements freeze in the winter, meaning you can even hold your ceremony directly on the ice! Many locations, however, aren’t accessible in winter (from October through May you can’t drive Rocky Mountain National Parks famous Trail Ridge Road, for example). And if you are planning on a winter elopement, don’t forget a coat (even if you want photos taken without one). 

In Colorado, you’ll never be upset about bringing extra layers or an umbrella, but you might regret it if you don’t. Many Colorado elopement locations are at higher elevations, meaning that the weather can often be unpredictable and considerably colder than major Colorado cities. Sunny 70-degree days are as possible in January as a 0-degree snowstorm is. Likewise, a single June day could contain both sun and hail. So if you’re looking to elope in the mountains, make sure you keep an eye on the weather.


What’s the best time of day to elope in Colorado?

The time of day you choose for your Colorado elopement can make a world of difference.  For instance, since Colorado is so sunny, midday ceremonies when the sun is directly overhead often leave folks squinting and add glare to photos. This can even be an issue in the winter, especially if there’s a lot of snow on the ground. 

According to our Colorado elopement photographers, the best lighting generally happens near sunset, what’s known as the “golden hour.” Golden hour generally occurs an hour and some change prior to sunset. However, in the Colorado mountains, this is a bit different and a little bit harder to predict because listed sunset times online do not account for the sun going down behind the mountain peaks. So in actuality, Colorado’s golden hour can occur about an hour and a half to two hours before the sun officially sets. 

Sunrise ceremonies in Colorado also offer great light. Our photographers actually consider this one of the better times for a Colorado elopement since you’re more likely to have the epic views to yourself. For this same reason, we recommend eloping on a weekday, when crowds and traffic are at their lightest.


Colorado Elopement Laws

How do I get a Colorado marriage license?

Colorado has an easy application process and a marriage license from any county in Colorado can be used in another. However, your license always has to be filed in the county you obtained it in. That means that if you’re staying in Denver and get your marriage license there, you can still use it for your Garden of the Gods elopement and then mail it back to Denver. Colorado marriage licenses cost $30 and are good for 35 days.

We recommend filling out an online application for the county you’ll be staying in and then showing up in person together to officially file for your license (with Covid-19, you still have to show up in person, and reservations are required; if there are no appointments available for your dates, try a neighboring county). You’ll need to provide proof of age (driver’s license, passport, etc.), your social security number if you’re a U.S. citizen, your place of birth, as well as your parents’ names, and current addresses.


Can you get married the same day in Colorado?

Yes! Since Colorado’s marriage license doesn’t have a waiting period, you can use it the day you get it.


Do you need witnesses to elope in Colorado?

The state of Colorado does not require witnesses to solemnize a marriage, perfect for those looking to elope with no guests. That being said, there are two spots for witnesses to sign or for your dog to ink their paw print (it’s totally legal and as adorable as it sounds).  


What name should you sign on your Colorado marriage license?

If you’re planning on changing your name once you’re married, it can sometimes be confusing as to what name you should sign on your marriage license. Although you’ll need to fill out the marriage license and certificate with your existing, pre-marriage name, Colorado allows you to sign the certificate with either your new or old name once the ceremony is finalized.

Article written by

Kiran Herbert

Kiran Herbert is an elopement officiant and writer who takes pride in making all of her ceremonies magical. Kiran grew up around the world but having spent a year living in national parks, she’s convinced that the U.S. is the most beautiful.
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Traditional weddings are incredibly expensive and can take years to plan. When couples choose to elope, their ceremonies can be planned quickly at a fraction of the cost. But don’t take our word for it!

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Thanks for helping plan my big day!

- Alexis and Mark

Working with Simply Eloped for our marriage was incredible. So easy, but so much thought and detail were put into the planning. I wish we could get married again tomorrow just to see/use a different location. I’m so thankful for each part of my team, they did a perfect job and I felt like the best bride in the world.

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I’m sad this is over I wish I could relive our wedding day all over again. This company is such a awesome experience to work with!

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Everyone that helped me were so nice and made my day very special. Thank you!!

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Thanks for all you did to make our day perfect!

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We couldn’t have asked for anything better.

- Kendra and Colter

Simply Eloped was such a great company to work with! They made planning an elopement/wedding so easy and fun! They were always responsive when I had questions and communicated efficiently. It was nice to be able to book our officiant, photographer, florist and stylist all through them. Thanks again Simply Eloped for making my winter wedding dreams come true!

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It was all amazing!! We’d been engaged for 2 years, set 2-3 dates & cancelled them. Could not settle on how we wanted to do it. The service you provide helped all our pieces fall into place & it ended up literally perfect! Thank you so much!!

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Best decision we’ve ever made! Thank you for making it possible.

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Thank you for everything! This is a day I’ll always remember, you guys made it possible to have our dream wedding!

- Maritza and Rogelio

Simply Eloped team was amazing. From the beginning, Alex helped us capture our thoughts. When the snow storm caused issues, the entire team was extremely flexible in moving the date to the next day. They did all of this at the last moment due to weather conditions. We couldn’t have asked for a better team to work with through the storm. We highly appreciated everyone and the company.

- Lori and Andrew

We had a wonderful experience with all of the vendors. Everything went smoothly on our day. I couldn’t have asked for anything better.

- Hailey and John

My wedding was beautiful. It couldn’t have been any better!

- Anali and Alfredo

I would not have done anything different with our wedding day! It was so much fun being out in nature and enjoying the views. I am excited to see the pictures so we can relive some of that day soon!

- Joclyn and Bryce

Thank you so much Simply Eloped for coordinating our special day for us! It was exactly what we had ever dreamed of!

- Kerri and Logan

Thank y’all for everything! It was such a wonderful day!

- Hayley and Alan

Thank you for making our elopement magical!

- Jenell and Jason

Less stress! Simply Eloped provides everything, so you don’t have to worry about a thing. Also, a small ceremony outside in the mountains is what I always wanted.

- Sam and John

Everything was amazing and so perfect. Thank you all so much for the best day of our lives.

- Ricky and Baylee

Will recommend this company! Our day was perfect!

- Josh and Melissa

We are happy we went with Simply Eloped!!!

- Kristi and Andrew

Thank you, it was perfect.

- Amber and Ethan

We just wanted to say thank you again for helping us have the easiest smoothest wedding day we could’ve ever dreamed of! Everything was perfect!!

- Emily and Paul

Thanks for making our wedding such a stress free experience, loved every minute of it!

- Robin and Christopher

We absolutely loved working with the entire Simply Eloped team! Thank you for all of your hard work making our wedding day perfect!

- Caitlin and Kyle

Everything went so smoothly! Thank you for all your help through the process.

- Amber and Trevor

Very happy with our wedding day! Thank you!

- Katie and Ian

I can’t gush enough about how great the company is. You can have it be super low key like us or do it up with all the fixings. Every time someone mentions their wedding being a pain to plan, I’m like, you could run away and it would aaaaaaalllllllll be over. 😉 Thanks so much for everything. ♥️

- Tara and Graem

We had a great experience, wouldn’t change a thing!

- Ashley and Anthon

We had an amazing time! Thank you so much!

- Brittany and Haley

Thank you all for a beautiful wedding!

- Brittany and Ethan

Simply Eloped had amazing reviews and was reasonably priced. They offered everything that we were looking for in a really simple way. Having the wildflower option was incredible and made Simply Eloped our sure thing!

- Lauren and John

Thank you for everything that you did. We had the perfect wedding and your team truly made it happen.

- Maria and Anthony

Simply Eloped is amazing! We went with them because they are reasonably priced and they take out any guess work!

- Gabriella and Timothy

Everything was a dream!

- Sarah and Michael

Thank you for organizing everything for us. It was so helpful. I am so happy with our decision to use your company. It made my life easier.

- Reine and Jeremy

Thank you again for helping us have such a beautiful wedding 🙂

- Nikki and Eric

Loved working with your company and I would 100% recommend to friends and family. I am currently trying to get my sister to go through Simply Eloped instead of stressing herself out with her huge wedding.

- Shemira and Ronnie

Simply Eloped offered everything we needed for our small ceremony. Our officiant was great and wrote beautiful vows for us, our photographer was amazing and our flowers were gorgeous.

- Emily and Dane

I truly appreciate every detail you guys put into our wedding it was perfect for us and our families.

- Allison and Jake

Chris and I just want to thank you all for allowing us to have the perfect ceremony designed just for us. We will always be grateful for this company and the exceptional work you do. A million thanks to Simply Eloped!

- Liz and Chris

Thank you so much for making our big day special couldn’t ask for more!

- Kaylah and Timothy

Simply Eloped was the easiest website to navigate with fair prices and excellent response time.

- Jenny and Brian

You guys helped us have a perfect day!

- James and Carissa

Thank you for making this such laidback experience for us! We had the most perfect wedding day!

- Emily and Brad

Our overall experience with SE was fantastic! The whole process was so easy and efficient and economical but yet the actual ceremony and wedding day was beautiful and exactly how we had imagined our wedding day to be!

- Cynthia and Jeremy

We chose Simply Eloped because from the moment we clicked on the website, we felt at ease. Everything was laid out for us so we did not stress about the details.

- Heather and James

All in all, our experience with Simply Eloped was beyond our expectations! Our ceremony was so beautiful and intimate. We wouldnt have changed a thing about it!

- Haven and Brandon

Thank you, Simply Eloped and team. It was absolutely perfect!

- Gretchen and Joel

Thank you for making our day stress free and wonderful!

- Kyleigh and Brad

Thank you for helping make our day so special. Their friends and family really enjoyed the ceremony as well.

- Jeanette and Aaron

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