Plan your Boho Elopement in Style – Know Every Detail Here!

7 min read Jan 17, 2022

Do you want your wedding to be simple yet elegant? Or do you want your big day surreal enough to touch everyone’s soul present at the venue? If yes, a Bohemian wedding is everything you need to plan with your partner. An intimate event planned in cozy weather with music, light romance, floral décor, and many other things is what makes any boho elopement ideal for couples.
If you’re an adventurous couple and want your wedding day to be the best of all, you should certainly go for a bohemian-styled event. Here, you get a chance to enjoy your marriage in beautiful outdoor locations. Plus, you’ll also get to plan everything in such a delicate manner, that eloping with your partner will feel like a daydream. But wait, have you noted down points to make your elopement the best event of your life? If not, let’s help you do that.
After comprehensive research and analysis, we have added every detail about the Bohemian wedding in the guide below. So, let’s get started!

Tips to Plan a Bohemian Wedding

You don’t have to plan long days if you’re planning to elope with your loved one. In elopement, a single and short event is usually enough if it’s full of beautiful feelings. However, if you want to design that day in an innovative Bohemian way, there will come a list of essentials you need to arrange.
Here are some of these essentials that you need to ponder on while planning your special day:

  • Location and Date is Most Important

Whether you’re planning a formal event or going for a classic, simple ceremony, deciding the location/venue and the date should be your first priority. For instance, if you’re planning a destination wedding, you should consider the available locations and choose yours in time.
Remember that the area around your venue significantly impacts the theme for a bohemian elopement. You can have fun and enjoy your wedding only when you select a location according to your considerations and lifestyles. That means, you will be going to decide the atmosphere of your big day by confirming the venue, so do it wisely.

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  • Consider the Legal Requirements

Unlike normal weddings, when you’re planning to elope with your partner, you’ll need an extra document in addition to the usual ones. To be precise, you are required to get a license if you’re going for a boho elopement. Furthermore, if you’re thinking of celebrating your day in a hall or a national park, you’ll also require an appointment for the confirmation of your booking.

  • Leave No Loopholes

There’s no reason to think you can’t make your elopement more joyous than the normal weddings. All it requires is proper planning to get everything right, ranging from the wedding decor to the dress. The theme, décor, destination, venue, menu, personalized vows, and a wide range of other things are pretty significant, especially when it comes to planning an elopement wedding.
Thus, don’t compromise on your celebrations and ceremonies by not planning everything as it’s supposed to be planned.

  • Get the Best Vendors for Your Big Day

Imagine you’re all set up for your special event but forgot to book a worthy photographer or a videographer. At this stage, everything will feel devastating and fall apart. That is why make sure to book all the required suppliers and vendors before your wedding. You can also make a daily planner to remind yourself what can make your bohemian elopement better than the usual ones.
In addition to this, you should also make travel and accommodation bookings before your big day. It is necessary when you’re having a destination wedding, as not every place offers walk-in stays.

Trendy Dress Ideas for Your Boho Ceremony

Many fashion designers in the world are coming up with new gorgeous designs for wedding outfits everyday. If you’re not aware of the latest trends, let us break down the five most precious styles that will give you inspiration for your dress.

  • Prefer Cozy Yet Romantic Details

We’re pretty sure that you’ll prefer choosing a wedding dress in Boho that is comfortable to wear and strong enough to withstand cold and tough weather. To be honest, that’d be a great choice.
Now, the location, decoration, etc. is completely up to you. To give the wedding a more bohemian touch, you can decorate the venue with dried pampas, grass, macramé, and bohemian rugs.
You can also click some Pinterest-inspired pictures to get more innovative ideas for your special day.

  • Style Your Dress with a Neutral Boho Bouquet

You must have witnessed brides entering their wedding venue with a bouquet in hand. It can be an amazing idea since carrying a bouquet adds great worth to an affordable bohemian wedding dress. Just like the neckties add glam to the groom’s dress and outlook, boho bouquets are considered essential for the bride’s dress.
You can customize the bouquet with different kinds of uncommon flowers, or can also get it prepared by a professional florist.

  • Add Calligraphy to Your Dress

Presently, there’s a trend to share intimate messages through the wedding dress or the theme. When considering eloping, it’s pretty exciting to announce to your family and friends. But you can do this by adopting this calligraphy idea. It’s romantic, elegant, and looks classy.

  • Get Yourself a Lacy Wedding Dress

Bride’s dresses embellished with laces are also common these days. Many brides prefer getting a dress that has unique lacy designs. Imagine wearing a gown with long sleeves and a back fringe integrated with different types of laces. Won’t it look classy and captivating? This season, many Bohemian brides wore a lacy boho dress and looked incredible without a doubt.
Thus, it can be a perfect option for you too, if you’re thinking of trying something trendy and beautiful for your marriage.

Intimate Ideas for A Bohemian Elopement Wedding

Are you worried about choosing and designing the theme, décor, food, music, and the after-party for your Boho marriage ceremony? No doubt there is a complete pool of ideas to choose from, but we have listed here some key considerations in the list below. Apart from these, you can simply discuss details and your desires with the wedding planner, and let them take care of the rest.
So well, let’s unwind some uncommon ideas for your boho elopement wedding.

  • Arrange a Multi-Day Adventure

Unlike traditional weddings, these ceremonies only last for a day. But you can break this stereotype here, and opt for a wedding celebration divided into multi-day adventures. You can create a list of activities divided over multiple days, and can also involve your friends to help you with this. So, decide the date, book a venue for your destination wedding, and then, choose a date to visit the area visually and confirm all the arrangements.
When you’re done with finalizing the decor and arrangements, you’ll be all set to enjoy your memorable marriage ceremony with a mini circle of your friends and family members.
Your Own Personal Taste for Music is All You Need
Music can add a great amount of enjoyment and intimate feelings to your wedding day. There’s no hard and fast rule to celebrate your wedding with a specific type of music. So, be creative and create a list of your all-time favorite songs to add more glam to the celebrations.
It’s nothing to worry about, just go ahead and add any track that matches your wedding vibe, personality, or gives special feels. Remember to guide your official DJ about all the tracks you think of.

  • Get a Wedding Cake

A wedding is an event filled up with happiness, and is a mixture of so many feelings. To complement all these emotions, there’s nothing better than cutting a wedding cake with your partner, as it is considered as a beautiful and essential thing for your most memorable day of life. Plus, you can simply get a mini cake as you’ll be only having over a few close friends and family members. But, don’t try skipping it, as the cake cutting ceremony is also said to be the first task of your married life that you do with your loved one – starting a new life with sweet vibes!
You can approach several bakers in Boho and share with them the theme and idea of your ceremony. It will help them design the cake accordingly.

  • Customize Your Day

Everyone has their traditions and rituals according to their religions and beliefs. Regardless of whether it is a boho elopement or not, many couples still prefer celebrating their happiness in the light of their traditions. Thus, integrating some common rituals into your day will make it a lot more exciting and meaningful.
For example, you can combine white wine with red wine, plant trees to better the environment, include different customized games, recommend a unity painting, arrange a funky cocktail for the guests, or can celebrate it any other way you like.

  • Decorate Your Aisle

Eloping doesn’t mean you need to skip on the decor, etc. Decorating the aisle with flowers is a wonderful addition to the wedding decor. In fact, you can go from minimal to lavish floral themes based on your likeness. Besides floral decor, you can also go for the deep woods, beach, cliff, or a rooftop style for your aisle.

Some other ideas for the boho elopement include:

  • Planning a foodie surprise for the guests
  • Arrange a first look ceremony with your loved one
  • Decide a breathtakingly beautiful place for photoshoot

So now, you are all set to arrange an amazing boho elopement. The above guide has everything you need to know before arranging a destination wedding with your partner, so do not wait any longer and start your preparations right away!

Written by Janessa White

Janessa White is the co-founder of Simply Eloped and has helped thousands of couples plan elopements. As an expert in the field, she has been featured on Martha Stewart,, Vox, and HuffPost. Janessa thinks elopements are the ultimate way to tie the knot.