Real Couple Elopement Style Guide

4 min read Jan 24, 2022

Congratulations! You are the couple who wants to think outside of the box for a unique, non-traditional elopement look. We are all over this and have a ton of ideas to help you be stylish and distinctive on your wedding day. Your elopement outfits should reflect who you are as a couple, even if that means turning up in your favorite sweaters & jeans!

Elopements offer up a lot of opportunities to be quirky or thematic. Some couples choose to go all-in on their favorite movie, show, music, or style. Hippie, Star Wars, Western, Gothic…it’s all there on Pinterest! And we love to see it! Why not truly be who you want to be on your special day? But what if you are looking to be non-traditional rather than thematic?

Elopement Comfort and Style

So let’s first talk about the reality of elopement finery. It needs to be comfortable and lightweight. No matter what you choose to wear, you need to feel good in it. Many elopements are outdoors or involve hiking. So make sure your style travels well. Some fabrics tend to crunch or take up a lot of space. You don’t want to turn up wrinkled and miserable! So have a style plan for being perfectly happy!

Make Your Bridal Style Statement!

Let’s talk about elopement dresses. We all recognize the usual long, white gown. You are not having the traditional wedding, so don’t feel pressured to dress traditionally. Think about your everyday style and reflect that into your elopement outfit. Do you feel beautiful and strong when you dress a certain way? Translate that to your elopement style! Here are a few suggestions:

Etsy or Vintage Gowns: This is perfect for the boho bride looking for extreme lace or vintage look. You will also find eco-conscious gowns such as real beauties created from previously used fabrics. Wing sleeves, capes, detachable sleeves, gloves, and all types of accessories will individualize your look. We especially love the tea-length gowns that are perfect for elopements.

Pant Suits: This is such a vogue look that is trending. They come in any color or fabric, but lace is very wedding friendly. It’s a classy look that never goes out of style, and it doesn’t get more versatile. You will be wearing your wedding pantsuit again and again!


Color + Pattern: It used to be that white was an absolute must. Thank goodness that’s over! If you don’t look great in white or ivory, why wear it? Wear a color that you rock. End of story. These days, some of the gorgeous gowns are floral, polka dot, or even black! Just be sure to create an entire style palette with your partner, so there are no unfortunate clashes.

Informal: So you like white wedding gowns, but it’s just not sensible with your choice of venue? No worries. Beautiful informal gowns are waiting for you, and they are not all in bridal shops (actually – you might be surprised by what you find in the bridesmaid section!). Gowns with skirts that open or are removable, two-piece dresses perfect for the whole day, and very sexy gowns! No reason why you can’t turn heads and look hot when you are eloping!

Off Beat Groom Style

There is a serious style shift trending for grooms. The rules are flying out the window! Suits are still popular, but the choices are amazing these days. Patterns, color, and cut are all changing, and floral ties are all the rage again. And who doesn’t love the bow tie? Separate jackets, vests, and pants show up as a change. Casual wear such as jeans, pants, open shirts, and no ties are all an option for the man who can’t bear the thought of a suit (clear this with your partner…trust us on this one!).

Another surprising shift in groom style is the boutonniere. In the past, there was hardly a choice to be made. But anyone who has talked with a florist lately will get an earful about all the quirky and interesting flower choices grooms are making. A boutonniere often now includes many flowers, greens, grasses, and personal touches such as favorite objects. And flowers can pop out of suit jacket pockets or line entire jacket edges.

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Mix & Match Elopement Accessories

Some style choices are just wonderfully quirky. Hats and shoes are a fun way to show personality on your elopement day. Need some ideas? Flip flops, sneakers, hiking boots, and rubber boots make appearances. So are all kinds of hats—cowboy hats, the New York chapeau, fedoras, floppy hats, flower crowns, and fascinators. And, of course, the ultimate elopement style accessory. A blanket to wrap up in if you get chilly – which is pretty romantic, too!!

Elopement Style for the Non-Traditional

So be a bit of a rebel and make your elopement all about your style. Ignore the rules and reflect on who you are as a couple. Committing to each other in a meaningful and romantic way includes how you choose to look. So, as long as you stay true to yourselves, you are eloping stylishly!

Written by Janessa White

Janessa White is the co-founder of Simply Eloped and has helped thousands of couples plan elopements. As an expert in the field, she has been featured on Martha Stewart,, Vox, and HuffPost. Janessa thinks elopements are the ultimate way to tie the knot.