Things You Must Know Before Opting for Elopement Flowers

5 min read Jan 27, 2022

Hiring a florist and choosing the right bouquet can be more demanding than it seems. However, it’s going to be super-fun if you are fond of selecting colors and finding the best contrasts.

To get the best elopement flowers, all you need to do is to think out of the box and keep in view a few things. Now, for a couple who has planned an elopement, opting for a bunch of blooms won’t be much of a problem (as you’ve already chosen a unique plan for your most memorable event of life).

Do You Really Need An Elopement Bouquet?

Everyone’s wedding day is special to them, causing so many mixed feelings. And when it comes to elopement, it is an adventurous and majestic experience, but a big step as well. Now, no matter how big it is, eloping never means you need to miss out on some of the most significant things on this special event of yours.

Sometimes the elopement flowers feel nothing but an additional expense. Due to which some brides may decide to cut corners, but remember, it is not all about costs; it’s about the most important day of your life!

If you choose a fine combination of blossoms, they can bring your entire outfit together with the surrounding. For instance, they can add a pop of color to your white gown and make you look incredible. Moreover, having something to hold onto might help you stop being nervous and give you something to do with your hands as you walk down the aisle.

Well, let us help you check a few boxes and get your hands upon the best flowers for elopement.

Things to Consider When Getting Elopement Flowers

Numerous factors matter when deciding on the elopement flowers. Keeping these factors in view will help you pick out a gorgeous bouquet for your big day. So, no matter if you’re eloping to the mountains or a beach, just read on!

  • The Idea Behind Your Wedding Theme

Every wedding’s theme, location, and style differs from the other as not every couple has the same plans and ideas. Some choose to keep their special day simple and classy, while others prefer a day filled with glamor. We’ve also seen couples opting for a vintage look to create something unique. So now, it is up to you which wedding idea you find the most fascinating.

Once you decide on the theme, location, and decor, it’ll become easier for you to opt for a stylish bouquet for your big day. For example, a hand-tied bouquet with roses and lilies can be perfect for an outdoor spring wedding. On the other hand, a wood flower one will be more suitable for a boho-style elopement.

Similarly, some colors blend well with the weddings at the beach, while others look perfect in the mountains. If you choose yours with the perfect colors that mix well with the surrounding, you’ll see how well they complement the decor and look incredible in the pictures.

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  • The Weather In Which You’re Getting Married

Is your wedding going to be in a winter wonderland, or do you want it to look like a spring fairytale? Regardless, there are enough options to cover all seasons. Now, what you need to do is keep in mind the season and weather before you choose your elopement flowers.

Your blooms should not only look natural but should also be able to withstand till the end of the day. And you must know, not all of them can pass an entire day being fresh after they’re cut. Therefore, you might want to choose the ones that are suitable for the respective time of the year.

Furthermore, the colors you choose should also represent your surroundings. For instance, a bunch of bright and radiant elopement flowers will go perfectly with a snow-covered surrounding. In comparison, light or purely white-colored blooms will look admirable in a light-hearted spring setup.

  • Embrace Your Style

You, of course, already know what your style is just like you knew eloping is your thing. But remember not to forget about it during the preparations and decor. Keep your outfit, style, and preference in mind when choosing blooms for your big day.

You can even personalize your flowers for elopement with a pendant, picture, necklace, or something that is close to your heart. Plus, hiding something dear to your heart in your lovely bouquet is all you’ll be needing to get going and pleasantly surprise everyone.

  • The Size You Should Prefer

The next thing that you’ll need to decide upon is the size. Brides mostly choose the size depending upon their outfit’s outlook. For example, if you’re going to wear a ball-gown dress, a large-sized bouquet might complement the look perfectly. Whereas, when it comes to a classic mermaid style dress, a bunch of pretty small blooms will do the work.

The right colors can genuinely be an enhancement to your overall wedding look, therefore, choose wisely. If you are unsure of the size, you can try holding different bunches and ask for suggestions.

Things To Avoid When Deciding On An Elopement Bouquet

People with experience might also suggest a few things that you MUST avoid when deciding on your wedding blooms. To keep you updated beforehand and save your big day from any mishappenings, here we have collected a few things to keep in mind.

  • NOT All Blossoms Are Meant to Last

You might get a bouquet with a bunch of perfect blooms that goes well with your look and the entire wedding setup astonishingly. But what if it dries up in a few hours, even before you took your wedding pictures? Well, that must not happen. Therefore, while making a choice, make sure you do not opt for the ones (i.e., Tulips, Magnolia, Hydrangeas, etc.) that wilt too soon.

  • NOT Making a Budget

People usually decide not to spend much on the elopement flowers. Whereas, this shouldn’t be the case at all. Even if you are eloping, you should keep a separate budget to be able to get a beautiful bouquet.

  • NOT Consulting a Professional

You might know well about your needs and requirements. However, not consulting a professional is still a mistake. A florist can help you get the blooms that not only go well with your wedding theme but can also last till the end.

Plan A Perfect Wedding Bouquet

Do you want to get an idea about the flowers that can withstand severe weather conditions and make a perfect elopement bouquet for your wedding? Well, here are some:

  • Israeli Ruscus
  • Olive Leaves
  • Scabiosa Pods
  • Thistle
  • Artichoke
  • Veronica

Apart from suggestions, here are some ideas on how you can give a stunning look to your wedding blooms.

  • Avoid using dyes as they can stain your gown. These artificial colors can also be harmful to the blooms and make them withered quickly.
  • Use wires internally to make the flowers and stems stick together for longer.
  • Carry a glass holder so that you can keep your bouquet aside without damaging it.
  • You can also use a special scent to make your blooms look fresher.
  • Do not rely upon a single option. Always keep a backup.

Start Planning Now!

We hope by now, you are well-aware of all the considerable things needed to get stunning elopement flowers. So, why wait further? Start picking your perfect florals right away!

Written by Janessa White

Janessa White is the co-founder of Simply Eloped and has helped thousands of couples plan elopements. As an expert in the field, she has been featured on Martha Stewart,, Vox, and HuffPost. Janessa thinks elopements are the ultimate way to tie the knot.